Learning Management System (LMS)

LMS is a web cloud e-Learning System designed to cover all the stages of the employee lifecycle. Smple to learn accessible on any devices available in multiple languages currently 16 different languages and further more constitutes an interesting alternative to other LMSs.

The possibility to create your own Learning Management System (LMS) in as little as one minute:

  • the registration to the e-Learning system is free,

  • quick set up with no initial investment needed,

  • predictable future costs for education,

  • the LMS is accessible on any device,

  • the LMS is easily configurable and flexible.

e-Learning coverage for the entire employee lifecycle:

It starts with the moment of commencement or before it (during the process of OnBoarding).

Then it follows the help to employees through their engagement to give education, training & development. Skill Gap Surveys are also available to get a better idea of the employee´s proficiency, while a variety of other types of surveys serves to get feedback from your employees or even suppliers and other business partners.

Finally, it manages the exit process (OffBoarding).

Multiple languages available:

  • All users may set their language independent of the system language

  •  Currently – English, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Norwegian, Finnish, Danish, Italian, Greek, French, Russian, Polish, Czech, Swedish, Hungarian and Slovak is available.

How else is our LMS different?

In most of the other LMS, Any users enrolled in a course have the same time limit for finishing it. This fixed time limit system is commonly used in schools & another educational institutions where courses have to be finished within an exact time according to the curriculum. It has confirmed to be wildly impractical if some individual changes for a user have to be made. If, for example, a student is enrolled in a course with a fixed time limit and then for some reason wants to be enrolled again, the time limit for finishing the course has to be changed for all the users enrolled in that course. In another words, like system is not made for dealing with concrete problems that may occur with individual users.

Flexible e-Learning system

On the other support the LMS platform LMS offers a much more flexible e-Learning system, where the time limit for finishing the course is defined for each user while enrolling them in the course. It is also possible to be enrolled more times in the same course and to set up a different time limit for finishing it every time. Meeting specific time provisions is not a problem with our Learning Management System. After defining the time limit, the user can access the enrolled educational content directly through their main My Study Page.

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