Video Conversion Service

Video Conversion Service


SanjivniMantra Data-Driven Video provides a business toolkit for video service suppliers to extend retention, client engagement, content personalization, and selling performance to work up businesses’ ROI. SanjivniMantra’s platform accumulates video service providers’ backend and frontend knowledge sources that square measure enriched through massive knowledge, computing, and machine learning capabilities. As the video trade is unceasingly growing, SanjivniMantra needed to adapt to new technology and evolve. I-Softinc’s developers were tasked with making an associate degree Apache Spark method in Java that accepted parameters for specific knowledge indicators to enhance the workflow. Indicators among the applying enclosed group action knowledge, subscription info, and KPI analytics.


Data Management Platform

One objective was to make an associate degree Apache Spark method in Java that regenerates {raw knowledge|data|information} from Cleeng into a made-to-order data warehouse table. I-Softinc’s engineers were initially needed to research the frameworks employed in the app to write down the code victimization Java and Spark to browse the CVS files, therefore perform completely different transformations. The next mission was to develop 3 extra Apache Spark processes in Java that regenerate analytics knowledge from many KPI’s together with, monthly revenant revenues, average revenue per user, and client period worth. to regulate the execution dates of processes that originally ran I-Softinc’s developers had to use associate degree external PostgreSQL info.


We provide business intelligence (BI) knowledge warehouse services, together with the engineering of central repositories, to extract, transform, and cargo knowledge from disparate platforms and applications. I-Softinc’s developers will seamlessly construct multiple nodes for knowledge aggregation, securing the info clusters safely within the cloud or on-premises databases for data processing, filtering, and cleansing.


Data Analytics Software System


After the answer was deployed, SanjivniMantra saw several edges together with, client retention and correct knowledge analytics. whereas in production, SanjivniMantra appreciated I-Softinc’s comfortability with the workflow and also the ability to remain up-to-speed on development. we tend to build custom atomic number 83 solutions for desktops, mobile devices, and browser apps, complete with customized and customizable business intelligence dashboards that supply period visibility on KPIs.


I-Softinc develops the first video production software system with sturdy options to cater to the media and show business. we tend to conjointly offer made-to-order, sturdy solutions for video quality management systems that store all file sorts in associate degree organized and manageable manner.

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