Photo sharing application that gives mix feelings of Social Media

Do you have tremendous liking towards fashion trends? Why not show it to the world by sharing images of latest clothing wardrobe and accessories?

Whether an avid fashion lover, or just starting to love fashion, it is a lifestyle application that combines social networking aspects from Twitter & photo sharing aspects from Instagram, to bring global clothing lifestyle at one place.


We faced these obstacles

Simple UI

Since we wanted to have something that can combine features from both Twitter & Instagram, we had to keep interface as simple as possible so that it becomes easier for users to understand and make social networking a smooth sail.


Interactive UX

We had to make the application in such a way that the overall experience becomes more communicative and informative, leading to an increase in the fashion knowledge of users who actually use the application, by knowing each other more closely.


Social integration

The application demanded integration of features from Twitter such as hashtags, mentions, follows, favorites, tweets, adding friends, and lots more. This required everything to workin tandem with each other.


Data storage

Since there had to be too many profiles accompanied by hundreds of photos, personal details, friends, tweets, favorites, follows, mentions, hashtags, etc. the application required a massive database storage space.


Responsive application

Combining social networking with photo sharing was just not enough. What more important was how the application responds through call to actions when use clicks, simply move the mouse cursor, or taps from keyboard.


Smooth performance

Due to a massive storage of data, it was important that the application delivers a smooth performance at the same time when transition, swipe, tap application. Quick retrieval of data or required screen was critically important.


Our way of solving problems

Simple UI

We used the minimal possible elements and components, to build an interface that is highly easy to operate for users.


Interactive UX

Our coding capabilities helped us to connect different screens with each other,in order to allow communication with great ease.


Social integration

With our specialized hand on social functionalities, we ensured to cover every aspect of social networking giant such as Twitter

Data storage

We knew beforehand the need of a massive master database. Hence, we did it by having a full-fledged storage capacity.


Responsive application

We successfully installed responsiveness in every single CTA and screens that we set up through coding for an instant response.


Smooth performance

Just like social networking and photo sharing, website or application, we ensured that it runs smoothly even with massive data.


There is hell lot to offer

Social profile

Have a systematic listing of profile details with status update, profile image, fashion images, likes, comments, hashtags, & mentions.


Fashion tweets

Give a detailed caption for every single picture that you upload telling your friends or acquaintances what are your thoughts on fashion trends.


Search posts

Search for all the related posts or tweets related to the fashion category or person you are searching for with the help of hashtags or mentions.


Notifications & Alerts

Whether acquaintances or friends, receive notifications on every new happening  such as likes, follows, comments, shares, uploads, on fashion.


Pet profile

Create a profile for your pet and keep things organized exactly in same manner as yours for people to see


Camera capture

Take pictures from your camera when you come across a unique fashion style, just edit it, and upload it to be shared in your network

Final outcome is what matters the most

We ultimately came up with a social networking cum photo sharing application in the form of ‘Fashion Sizzle’, which had the capabilities to be used instead of both Twitter and Instagram. We created an application with a difference that let users have social connections with others, while also share pictures, related to fashion trends they follow, at the same time.

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