Healthy food delivery system

Healthy food delivery system

Food and Health system is very good idea to maintain your daily health. This Healthy food delivery system has got the ideas who suggest and deliver you healthy meals to maintain your body has been always longed for. You get a wide range of options to choose from when it comes to packages. You can select the package and register with your home or office address so that you get the food delivery accordingly. It helps you to eat different healthy food every day. This is an amazing application which simplifies health and the client requirement was to modify the user interface of this app.


Technologies We Used

Operating System & Server Management Linus  & PHP server

IOS, Android studio

Development Tools & Environments PHP  , MY SQL server , HTML5 , CSS3, BOOTSTRAP2.3, AJAX, HTML5, JavaScript JQUERY, c++ , Java
Database MY SQL server



HTML Developer UI,  iPhone developer, android developer 1




You can select a food package from the Packages list range of choices provided to you like full package, AM package, PM package and lunch package, to name a few. Also, you can make their own profile and enter your personal details like name, gender, date of birth and nationality. In addition to that, you must add your contact details like mobile number Office no, home Delivery address, fax, personal email address, work email address and the name of the company. Alone from all that, you must add the address of their home or office, wherever you prefer the order to get delivered.

If you select the full package, at first, it will last for seven days, after which you can either put it on hold or renew it. All these can be done once you click on the menu ‘My subscription’. If you want to put your package on hold, click on ‘I would like put my package on hold’. Once you click on it, you will be directed to a page where there will be displayed 2 calendars. You can select the ‘from date’ and ‘to date’ so that your package will be on hold for that duration. If you want to renew your subscription’ then, you must select ‘I would like to renew my subscription’ option. Once you select that subscription, you can select a package according to your choice and time the duration, check in if you want a cooler bag and then confirm your order by clicking on ‘confirm button’.

You can select the date according to your convenience and check your menu from ‘My Menu’ menu. The ‘Rewards’ menu has got the information about your rewards and you can redeem them. Also, you can give your feedback on the dashboard.

The look and feel of this application were planned well as well as implemented in an amazing way in order to impress customers and enhance their experience.



Seeing the requirements of the client and the preparation done by the developers, they decided to go for the 3 tier application architecture.


Development Highlights

·         The application was renovated to improve the user interface in order to enhance user experience.

·         The improved interface resulted in more downloads, which ultimately increased the number of customers.

·         It helped to generate more revenue and expand the business.

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