5 Myths About custom software development for Logistics management and Debunking Them


The technological progress in every industrial sector is significant over the past few years. But many companies are unable to grow owing to the misconceptions that prevail about the custom software development process. 


It’s time for i-Softinc technologies to debunk some of the myths so that all the logistics management companies can get the benefits of developing useful software for your brand. 


Myth #1: Logistics software cannot drive sustainability


This is an obvious misconception. A custom software development company can actually give your company the edge in the competitive network. For instance, customers are searching for a service depending on the delivery speed. 


With the help of the software developer, you can use the app that will offer the most time-saving routes to the delivery agents. As a result, you may be able to deliver faster than the other service providers. No need to mention that the demand will be high for your service.


Myth #2: Logistics software cannot track customer feedback


If you discuss this concept with any expert android app development software developer, you will realize that the fact is just the reverse. There is no easier way of tracking the feedback from the customer than an app.


In fact, you can make it mandatory to submit the feedback which will take less than a second. For instance, the best app development software for a cab service will allow the suers to book the next cab only after providing the rating for the last ride. Of course, ist easy and it is quick. 


Myth #3: Logistics software is not transparent



If you are working with the top software development services like i-Softinc Technologies, you will never say or believe this. The app will offer users to track the real-time location of the product or delivery person, offering maximum transparency. 


What more can you expect from software? In fact, such a logical approach of the software application developer has helped many logistics companies to fulfill the orders perfectly and retain customers for the brand. 


Myth #4: It is an unnecessary investment


If you start checking the ROI of hiring a software solutions company, you will realize that nothing is more effective than an application for logistics management. 


  • it is easier for both the ender and the recipient to track the orders.
  • Business owners can detect the flaws and loopholes in the logistic management system and take necessary measures. 
  • With the help of the top software development companies, your business can enhance service quality by making updates and changes according to the feedback of the customers. 


Thus, you can well understand that recruiting a software development agency will bring about higher revenue generation and maximize ROI.


Myth #5: Logistics industry will remain fragmented


And the software companies can eliminate this misconception too with their work. We have introduced systems that allow data sharing. We are using Cloud technology for ease of data sharing and data updates. Therefore, our it software company will play a vital role in creating a logistics platform as a single source of information for the company. 


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