Create Custom Hybrid Mobile App to enrich Magento Platform

Custom Hybrid Mobile App to enrich Magento Platform


Darol’s business model permits architects, interior designers, and style professionals to go looking and sample materials within the quickest most effective manner attainable on one single platform. Its Magento platform powers advanced searches across many makers in seconds. Samples ordered by an hour (EST) are delivered in a very single box by 10:30 AM consequent morning. Samples may come at no price to be reused, instead of recycled, eliminating waste.


Darol saw a necessity for a hybrid mobile app to enrich its Magento platform for its customers on-the-go. an associate app that might permit you to scan the QR code and order from your phone. They additionally had a strict point to urge this hybrid mobile app created, tested, and on the market, among roughly forty-five days before the planning show, they were attending.


Design & Integrate the Mobile App with net API information


This hybrid mobile application was developed for Android, iOS, and Windows platforms victimization Ionic framework. the target for this app was to change the user to scan the merchandise, store the merchandise details, and send the fabric sample to the user via their shipping address.


I-Softinc’s development surroundings technologies enclosed Ionic three, Apache Cordova eight.0, Javascript, Jquery, CSS, HTML5, and Visual Studio. The program development needed a login screen with credentials associated with the client, a home screen, a scanner, product details, cart, and address inputs. No information is required thanks to the app victimization net API for database property.


The functionalities of the mobile app include:


1. Logging in to the web site
2. Using the camera on the phone to send a QR code
3. Then the code would decision many API’s to retrieve the merchandise info
4. Then they place the order


Custom Mobile App permits Darol to increase Their Reach to Customers From Any Device. The Darol has seen associate astounding growth of the twenty-fifth month over month throughout this past year. as well as a mobile app to help designers, architects, and manufacturers on the go can more increase their growth, exposure, and revenue. As associate Magento Business Solutions Partner, I-Softinc has certified developers that frequently increase their skillsets to develop any Magento computer code want. Darol knew I-Softinc had the talent, business data, and resources to require on this huge time-sensitive computer code development.

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