Thomasville City Georgia, United States Government will be now using the Utility Bill Mobile App.
The project has been developed for Thomasville city, Georgia, United States. The underlying purpose of the project is to develop a mobile app solution to facilitate the state government to collect revenues through utility bills besides making it convenient for the users to pay their obligations.


Goals & Objectives

Target Audiences are people living in Georgia, United States and have their utility accounts with the government.
Create an interactive data screen so that the user can easily track monthly consumption for GAS, Power & Electricity
Develop an interactive utility app for citizens so that the government can collect gas, power and electricity bills in an optimum way.
Maintain partial payments and financial calculations discreetly on all accounts.


Technology & Tools


  • iPhone
  • Microsoft .Net
  • jQuery
  • Apache


The Challenges

Synchronizing the payments for multiple utility bills with different sets of data
How to integrate multiple utility bills (Gas, Power & Electricity) with interactive graphs?
How to pay bills partially?
Single user must be able to maintain multiple utility accounts.
Ensure application security to safeguard social details and financial transactions.


The Solution

Well organized team empowered with expansive experience and advanced infrastructure.


Interactive Graphs

I-Softinc has developed a modified code for interactive graphs so that the user can get their stats simply by tapping over the sampling points.


Pay Partially

By maintaining the financials at account level users can pay partially and the remaining amount can be carried forward or added to the balance payments.


Multiple Accounts

A single user can maintain multiple accounts and pay individually without affecting other accounts.


Secured Web Service

Built on the object-oriented approach. With encoded data and tailormade preventions for all the breaches.

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