SmartPuppy Mobile App

i-softinc had this magnificent opportunity to develop SmartPuppy Kid’s Educational Application. smart puppy Application is going to be like command center to prepare kids for mathematical and analytical challenges they would face in schools. It provides the rich and vibrant environment to master all essential skills at an early age. This Application has paid version too for First Grade kids.


i-softinc has developed SmartPuppy Mobile Application for both iOS and Android platform. The application provides following features.


•             Shapes & Colors

•             Alphabet

•             Counting

•             Memory

•             Proportions

•             Puzzles



•             Addition

•             Reasoning

•             Relative Positions

•             Advanced Memory

•             Pattern Recognition

•             Spelling



smart puppy has garnered the great response from parent community across the world. It is receiving many 5 star ratings in the initial weeks of its release on the Application store. smart puppy would soon replace many age-old techniques and tools to measure the mental and psychological development of a child. This would serve as the boon to school system across the USA.

Duration:20 Day

Situation :

The major challenge is to develop an application which improves basic mathematical & analytical skills kids at an early age. The application must provide an option to track progress via reward center which is associated with Game Play and completion of each task. The application should provide kids friendly interface and enticing experience. One unique feature that would make SmartPuppy a leader in the crowded kid’s educational Applications arena is no two gameplay is same. It has custom Randomization algorithm that makes sure that each time you play the game you get the new challenge and different activity.

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Results :

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