Fitness & Health Chest Belt Based App

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Duration: 5 Weeks

Situation :

The US-based client involved in Health Care and Fitness industry for last 15 years and has a great amount of experience for HRV Analysis & How to prescribe exercise regime. They were looking for a complete high-end technical solution for everyone ranging from health-conscious to fitness freaks.

·         Basic Body Profile Survey

·         Record HR & Measure HRV

·         Color-coded Log with Month and Date selection

·         Interactive Real-time chart to monitor HR/HRV

·         HealthKit Integration

·         BLE (Communication with All Popular HR Measurement Belts)

·         Store Data measured with App on Remote Server


Tasks :

After thorough review and analysis of this unique requirement for a mobile App for HR and HRV Analysis following major tasks were identified:

·         Bluetooth Low Energy and Efficient use of Background mode to ensure most optimum battery life usage

·         HealthKit Integration

·         Real-time updates from App to Website Admin and Trainer Portal

·         Native App Development for better performance and User Experience

·         Alerts/Reminders to take us HR Measurement and HRV Analysis

·         Log with all required parameters like Sleep, Fatigue, Food, Mood etc.


Action :

i-softinc team reviewed the requirement of client and their vision to provide a wireless solution with no additional devices attached to iPhones. With i-softinc vast experience in providing the great technology solution for Healthcare domain, we developed a complete product that includes:

·         Measurement of HR and HRV Calculation

·         Set Training Target Zones for HR

·         Custom Exercise Prescription based on HR and HRV

·         Measure before, during and after exercises

·         Color Coded Log Entry based on parameter set by users and HR & HRV Values

·         Alerts/Reminders to take up HR measurement

·         AWS Deployment and Testing

·         Custom Video Sessions based on HRV Calculation

·         Website Admin with Multi-Users with Multi-Level Access.

·         Trainer Module to manage videos and PDFs(CMS)

·         On-Screen Guide for App Usage(How it Works)



·         Objective C/Xcode 7.x

·         PHP, AJAX / jQuery.

·         Health Kit API

·         MySQL/SQLite

·         PayPal Payment Gateway Integration

·         GIT/SVN


Results :

·         VitnessRx has generated quite an interest in people ranging from Fitness enthusiasts to Fitness Experts.

·         App is receiving great reviews and many 5 star ratings on App Store.

·         Many of Big names in Fitness Industry are asking for white Label solution similar to VitnessRx to market their own Fitness Programs.

·         VitnessRx has become the benchmark for Healthcare Mobile Apps.

·         VitnessRx App would have the recipe, Diet Plans and Theme options for Health Challenges in the next version.

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