We helped IsaiX build

We helped IsaiX build
A Coaching & Skill Assessment Solution Being Used By
Global Enterprises
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IsaiX Technologies Inc.
Third-Party API integration
Enterprise Sales Coaching Solution

Higher management in Montreal departments in Canada, United Kingdom & United State. IsaiX
helps clients in government, high-technology, pharmaceutical, and financial services sectors,
with their training and coaching needs, by offering different tools & solutions create on the
newest technology platforms.

The Problem

I-Softinc to redo their flagship web-based product Coach Technology that support managers with
training, targeting, planning, tracking, evaluating & encouraging employee performance.
IsaiX required to redo the tool, to target mobile devices, as well as change the architecture, to
make it more scalable and future-proof. To accomplish this, we determined that they wanted a
multi-tenant & multi-version enterprise-coaching platform.

The Solution

We proposed a multi-version & multi-tenant architecture for the latest product allowing the data
to be efficiently managed. We considered three approaches to this build:

1. Separate databases for tenants
2. Shared database, separate schemas, and
3. Shared database shared schemas
4. We delivered the product in less than 6 months as promised.

Three-layered multi-tenant and multi-version architecture

We built three apps and merged them to ensure that the multi-tenant feature of the app supported
its multi-versions. The first is a common app to check for registered customers who were
redirected for authentication. The second app to authenticate the user with the database was the
creation of a security token. Finally, the third layer served to verify the version of the
applications being used by the client.

We also built permalinks & stored all these in the Master Database. With the latest tool, these
links were redirected straight from the IP site to the latest version with correct parameters.

Separate databases for tenants


We offered separate databases for tenants to ensure better data isolation, privacy & security. For
example customers in fields like banking or medical records management, often have very strong
data isolation requirements. This feature allows a simple extension of the application’s data
model to meet the tenant’s individual needs and helps in restoring a tenant’s data from backups,
in the event of a failure.

Metadata associated any database with the correct tenant & database security prevented any
tenant from accidentally or maliciously accessing other tenants’ data.

Certificates for decryptions

Certificates were used as another layer on top of the tokens generated for authentication. In this
situation, 1 secret key is saved with the server used for login while private & public combination
is present in the other server of the app. Any user who logs in is verified using the certificate and
redirected respectively.


We used the Agile methodology with TFS played a key role in any communications, work-item
logs, bugs & code repository, etc.

Our sprint planning, tracking, and team velocity were managed in TFS.
Coach(5) that has 3 sections under its umbrella we devised a custom automatic deployment
method consisting of our environments development staging, QC-testing, & operations. For
example, pulling the advance from the repository as per the applied code-label and developing
the solutions thereafter. The deployment component was created as a group of batch files from
batch programming.

The Result

This product received positive feedback from the staff of client organizations, including banks,
pharmaceutical companies, and government organizations.
The Coach technology, delivered on iPads & placed in the hands of managers, ensures coaching
consistency with a mechanism to follow-up and track the performance on the go, and in real-
time. It also provides the upper management with the ability to analyze coaching efforts, and
correlate their impact on performance.
Including coaching needed Coach grants a turnkey product development platform for small
businesses to multi-national enterprises – alike!

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