We help you in contriving the useful asset of your company. The entire business world is facing an obstacle to manage massive data as the digital world is increasing rapidly and data is generated at an exponential rate. For every business, organization data is a crucial part and it is a medium of gathering information. The large data can involve the handler and sometimes the important data also goes in wain. Data should be handled in the best way as it is a key to success and Big Data Analytics Services is a solution to it.

Professionally, we can say, the big data development services manage the high volume data services to deal with amazing services because it completes the new technologies’ needs and explained them. This data get overviewed and then analyzed. It is used by all the big data development companies and organizations and the Big data is part of the famous big and reputed companies. The best feature of big data is that it is fully secure and reliable. Moreover, you don’t need any specific skill or experience to arrange your data the platform will itself work for it. Every method of the big data solution is done by big data verified developers. I-Softinc is known as the world-class big data analytics service provider company in India. We aim to offer a highly functional Big Data Analytics software service to our clients with appropriate technology. We have an expert team that has a different way to build the solution according to the market needs which results in the best business potential and helps to take the business into the next level. Moreover, we work on the latest big data technology platforms including Cloudera and Microsoft HDInsight.

Our main focus is to allow you an important big data analytics solutions with the best decision making feature along with it, this software includes overall IT roadmap, architect and implementation of the software. We are a one-stop solution to big data Services. Our team is a melange of Data Scientists including Hadoop Certified Big Data specialists and it makes us different from other big data service providers. Hence, this technology will surely change the process of operating business and results in the best output.

I-Softinc Big Data Solutions

In the tech world, we are known as the best big data analytics solutions

Apache Hadoop

It is an open-source framework and provides huge storage for all sorts of data, high-end data processing power and can handle concurrent jobs. This is also open to the applicable big data Hadoop.

Apache Hive

This big data service provides you an opportunity to simulate the data and it enabled SQL developers to program Hive Query Language.

Apache Mahout

Our team is an expert to design the business applications which meet the user’s demand. It includes machine learning algorithms.

Apache Pig

It is used to examine the large data sets and our experts offer high-end service and ensure high-quality service.

Apache Thrift

We offer Apache Parsimony software framework for the development of the cross-language service. It is a hybrid of software stack with code generation.

Apache ZooKeeper

It is an open-source project, which helps to maintain the configuration data.

Apache Kafka

Our expertise is specialized in developing grade streaming applications as well as for data pipelines.

NoSQL Database

I-Softinc is specialized in managing the database architecture and offer Technical Consulting, Managed Services, and support.

Big Data Analytics Services

We offer many types of big data analytics consulting services.

Big Data Consulting Services

We help clients to bring their strategy ideas out and help them to enhance in a better way according to the market and work on the process after consultations. Big data analytics consulting help is in the big demand of the business masters.

Big Data Infrastructure Set-Up & Tools

Our big data analytics experts simplify the integration and installation process by balancing the Apache Hadoop code. In our big data analytics help, involves the combination of Hadoop clusters, execution and monitoring.

Big Data Maintenance & Support

Our big data analytics experts simplify the integration and installation process by balancing the Apache Hadoop code.

Big Data Analytics & Insights Services

Our big data analytics experts simplify the integration and installation process by balancing the Apache Hadoop code.

Cloud Services

We offer secure scalable and high-performance big data solution which held on the cloud storage.

Performance Tuning

It looks behind the carrying and improves the performance of the big data solution. HOW BIG DATA ANALYTICS SOLUTIONS WORK Step to step working of the big data analytics software.

Goal Set-Up

The foremost step of the best data analytics tools is to set up the goal, on which the company works.

Data collection

According to the object, the data is handled by the big data software.

Data Processing

This process is helpful for the data analysis, as it is fully processed according to the profile.

Data Analysis

The software examination data in a proper way and filter the data according to the functioning.

Data Execution

With the help of the best big data analytics tools, which include Spark, Tez, Flink, Storm, and Samza execute data in the best way.

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