One business that continues to grow quickly by digitalization is that the insurance sector. in line with the most recent analysis, insurance, and connected activities contributed nearly $630 billion, or 2.9 per cent, to the Indian gross domestic product in 2019.

In the era of mobile technology, developing AN Insurance mobile app may be a turning purpose for the business growth of an insurance company. this text enlists the entire detail associated with insurance app development and therefore the analysis of building a prime insurance mobile app. we’ve conjointly listed the should incorporate options of AN insurance app, kinds of insurance apps, their edges to each customer & firms also because of the list of prime seven insurance mobile apps within the world.

Why did non-depository financial institutions get to Develop Mobile App?

Nowadays, folks pay variant time on their phones. With 194 billion downloads of mobile apps in 2019, the most recent statistics show that the ninetieth of your time spent on mobile devices is spent on apps. AN insurance app:

1. Makes communication higher between an organization and its purchasers
2. Automatically complete tasks of insurance agents & purchasers
3. Eliminates the manual task of filling policy documents
4. Help you acquire new purchasers
5. Lowers operational prices ANd will increase revenue for a nondepository financial institution.

Benefits of Insurance Mobile Apps

Benefits of insurance apps for patrons

1. Easy to induce insurance anyplace anytime
2. Online consultations on the get into a few clicks
3. Notifications concerning the policy expiration & discounts
4. Quick access to info in seconds

Benefits for insurance firms

1. Process automation via a mobile app
2. Attract new customers
3. Simple communication via mobile technology options like chatbots
4. Personalized offers to customers
5. The ability to receive quick feedback from customers

Let’s Have a glance at the highest seven Insurance Apps in 2020

Here area unit the highest seven insurance app standard in 2020:


The app, hierarchal 76th on App store, provides fast on-the-go access to health info and therefore the ability to change and organize it. The options take issue supported the arrange (medical, dental, pharmacy, vision, behavioural, disability, accident).

Religare Health

Ranked #45 within the Health & Fitness class on the App Store, this insurance app permits booking appointments for health check-ups at any location also as read and transfer health reports. The app conjointly has cashless patient services that area unit accessible by scanning a QR code.


Based in Madison, Wisconsin, yank Family Insurance offers health, life, vehicle, homeowners, business, and farm/ranch coverage. It offers a large variety of options from scheduled payments to claims and incident support. Users will check their payment standing in real-time, request a reversal, or get connected with charge employees.

Blue defend of CA

Blue defend of CA (BSC) may be an insurance company primarily based in San Francisco. With the app, customers will manage their health from anyplace. It offers 24/7 service and options that vary from arranging info to tools for locating pressing care.

Reliance Self-i

This app is understood for giving fast insurance claims processes with period claim statuses. The app incorporates an E-Doc Vault that lets users safely store policy and connected documents.

Oscar Health

Oscar health is AN yank insurance company. The honour app helps users manage policies and connects patients with doctors. Primary options of honour Health include:

1. Symptom, doctor, and drug search
2. Doctor on decision feature (free consultation with a doctor via phone)
3. View arrange the information
4. Online communication with the caretaker team
5. Access to a digital ID card
6. Reward system

HDFC insurance App

One of India’s biggest housing finance institutions! The HDFC insurance App permits users to browse different insurance plans and analyze their edges.

Choose the Insurance App you’re Seeking to create

Building AN Insurance mobile app can vary betting on the niche your nondepository financial institution operates in. usually their area unit four main Insurance Apps businesses obtain to build:

1. Health insurance apps
2. Car insurance apps
3. Life insurance apps
4. Travel insurance apps

Features you’ll get to implement usually depend upon the sort of insurance business you use in. given that the niche-specific options area unit further, the core options area unit usually similar.

General options needed for AN Insurance App


Every Insurance app incorporates a profile section that displays the knowledge concerning the insured object or person.

Policy details

In this, a digital version of the policy is offered within the app. you’ll be able to conjointly notice all accessible policy info here.


Offer your customers the correct rating by listing different policies with quotes. it’ll facilitate your customers to assess their choices with ease.

Filing a Claim

This is the foremost essential feature of AN insurance app. Filing a claim just in case of AN emergency should be intuitive and simple. Your App’s filing a claim feature ought to be easy so purchasers will simply fill all told details with efficiency among one smaller screen.

Smart & straightforward Payment

Integrating a simple payment entry into your Insurance app eases down each time & effort of your client. With in-app payments eliminate your client’s physical visit to the bank. a wise payment system eliminates you from progressing to your bank’s app & filling within the policy details.

Push Notifications

Push notifications change a quicker reach to your customers. Your policy purchasers’ area unit notified concerning the approaching payments, policy details or discount offers, etc.

Chatbots/AI for client Support

Artificial intelligence-powered chatbots speed up policy identification, change interactions between apps and purchasers, facilitate claims settlement, and stop fraud or alternative client inquiries & support.

Document/image uploading

This is a requirement to incorporate feature since users got to transfer their documents associated with personal/professional or photos of medical records, insured automobile port accidents, etc. this can facilitate them claim the process of their contract.

Required Team Structure for making associate degree Insurance App

Hiring a decent Insurance App Development team to form your feature-rich insurance app for your business isn’t as simple because it is appearance. the foremost counselled team for building such an associate degree app includes:

1. 1 project manager
2. 1 UI/UX designers
3. 1 Android/iOS developer
4. 1-2 frontend developer
5. 1-2 backend developer
6. 1-2 quality assurance specialist

Approximate price to Develop a Feature-Rich Insurance App

The total price of associate degree Insurance app development depends on aspects like:

1. Features enclosed
2. Preferred Platform (iOS, golem or both)
3. Location for app development
4. Number of hours endowed
5. The team you rent

Considering the higher factors, the MVP price for one platform (iOS and Android) insurance app development price can begin from $30,000. In case, you decide to develop for each platform, then it should go up from $50,000 to $60,000.

Note- the worth can go up as you add advanced options & high-end practicality.


As we tend to square measure heading towards the mobile technical school world, it’s just about foretold that a lot of and a lot of folks would probably like & manage their insurance policies via their smartphones.

The insurance mobile app market is growing speedily and each underwriter is specialized in having their undefeated insurance app therefore on supply unlimited edges to their customers on one screen additionally as attract a lot of and a lot of customers.


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