The digital revolution has noncontinuous means the travel trade works. Before the COVID-19 pandemic state of affairs, travel was one of the few industries witnessing huge growth. There was a big rise within the in-app bookings and apps like MakeMyTrip,, TripAdvisor, etc. were an enormous hit among travelers worldwide.

The travel app development has notably gained attraction when finding out regarding modified preferences and activity patterns of travelers worldwide. A travel app may be a one-stop answer for travel & business agencies that permits prospective travelers to arrange many activities from booking their train, bus, or flight tickets to booking hotels to arrange their rubber-necking via their pocket-size device.

If you too deal in the very travel business and speculative regarding the present COVID things poignant your business adversely then this text is for you! Below, we’ve got mentioned the longer-term trends of the Travel trade and therefore the potentialities of its growth when the pandemic. The article additionally enlists the highest 10 essential issues for an excellent useful, easy, and growth-oriented travel mobile app.

Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic on Travel and business trade

Travel and business are severely suffering from the COVID-19 pandemic. many countries have briefly illegal the movement of travelers. it’s bound that the trade can shortly rise once more. The technology solutions can play an enormous role in serving the travel and cordial reception trade survive throughout robust times. Below, we’ve got listed many Travel and business trade trends that you’ll witness post-COVID-19 pandemic.

Contactless travel on the rise

COVID-19 has brought several alterations to the operating procedure of the travel trade. the foremost evident changes the travel trade can expertise is- a shift to contact-less travel. Right from the airfield register to the protection, and boarding to the flight, there’ll be all barely less trend you’ll witness considering the risks concerned.

For this, bioscience like fingerprint or hand scanner is going to be phased out. The technology for touchless data-entry like IoT-based mostly mobile applications, and voice commands are going to be enforced to eliminate potential risks. the whole sector is going to be machine-driven.

Introduction of Digital Identity Wallets

The use of digital identity wallets is another trend travelers would see post-COVID-19 pandemic. Digital Identity Wallets would enable a soul to access, get and store confidential health credentials.

Rise of Digitalisation

To regain trust, several organizations square measure implementing technology solutions for whole resistance expertise. The use of sensible mobile apps can facilitate travelers to seamlessly hook up with any information. With digital technology solutions, travelers will manage everything from their profile to the info required to be shared.

Use of Analytics for some time info

Analytics will facilitate travel firms to achieve a period of unjust insights concerning travel bookings & cancellations. This information is going to be helpful for airlines furthermore as for predicting demand for various classes like business, leisure, family.

Travel App Development- fascinating options Your App should have

Automatic Itinerary creator

To make it straightforward for someone, your travel app ought to be ready to provide a comprehensive itinerary supported by the travel destination and length of the trip. Most of the travel agencies square measure providing users with associate ‘automatic itinerary generator’ as a feature of travel mobile apps. supported the detail of ‘location’ entered by the user, the itinerary generator mechanically prepares a plan of action for the required variety of days as well as all details of rubber-necking and things to try and do.

Weather forecaster

Weather conditions square measure a vital thought to appear for before someone plans his/her trip. Your travel app should provide travelers all weather forecasts before they arrange & book their travel.

Location chase facility

Your app ought to provide GPS-based mostly location services. This feature helps travelers simply notice near hotels, restaurants, holidaymaker hotspots, renowned retailers, and a lot of.

Easy Social media integration

This is the age of Social Media. each one people likes to share their travel experiences on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. a decent travel mobile app development company ought to specialize in this feature and provide straightforward integration with all social media platforms. This feature can provide your travelers unforgettable expertise of their journeys as they’ll exchange their views with their friends on social media.

Traveler Reviews, Recommendations, and Feedback

Ensure your app options a review section wherever users will share their thoughts and views regarding their journeys and rate hotels, restaurants, and native attractions. This will increase the trust issue and enhances client loyalty.

Language translation service

Among thousands of foreign languages, it’s troublesome for travelers to grasp the language of the place they’re visiting. as well as a language translator in your app can eliminate the barrier someone will bump into throughout his/her visit. embody options that enable users to translate visual text and voice speech simply.

In-Built Currency device

Travel app development plans ought to embody options of ‘currency convertor’ so that travelers might not face problems in obtaining the precise value of the currency whereas looking throughout their travel. The feature can facilitate your user to grasp the correct value of the item and create a call of whether or not to form the acquisition.

Scheduling & Reminder Notifications

To make your travel app the final word travel partner for your user, push notifications & programming options square measure one thing to not be lost. These options facilitate users to schedule their travel arrangements and acquire a reminder of their schedule plan consequently via instant notifications.

Search and Filter choices

Inserting an exploration & filter possibility is the associate utmost priority for any robot or iOS travel app development. With in-depth filter choices, travelers will hunt for a selected town, specific space, and specific spot and create their travel straightforward and convenient.

Geolocation and Navigation

Heading towards the wrong route is frustrating. You can’t let this happen to your valuable users. To avoid this case, your app should be integrated well with a navigation map feature that ought to work on-line and offline. to create your travel app’s navigation feature even smarter you’ll embrace geolocation. this can supply your somebody associate degree access to all or any the close hot spots, cafes, and hotels.

Does your app supply native Commutation?

In associate degree unknown destination, traveling are often hard. although a somebody will notice public commutation however once more several travelers instead like a cab. to create them book their desired transportation medium, your app ought to be packed up with the feature of native commutation. As an agency, you’ll refer to the native cab service and share the revenue generated whenever somebody books these services via the app.

Integration of Leading Payment entrance

A travel app ought to have associate degree integration of a secured payment entrance, therefore, permitting travelers to simply create payments for flight booking or edifice keep. These options ar were extraordinarily convenient for a user as he will simply seek tickets or edifice rooms moreover as notice the simplest deal for his reservations.

Customer Service On the Go

A travel app ought to be equipped with associate degree choice to chat with client care executives 24×7. Most of the popular travel apps have AI battery-powered chatbots that provide 24/7 help to app users. This makes the user feel connected to the whole.


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