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Java is a general purpose object-oriented language. Java code compiles into an middle in between byte code that runs on a Java Virtual Machine (JVM). The JVMs are available for a variety of hardware’s from PCs to servers to mainframes. This makes Java code portable across platforms.

Java Center of Excellence

Enterprise Java has evolved through the community process and has successfully satisfied millions of app users globally. Java Center of Excellence at I-Softinc proactively stays updated on the latest happenings in Java. The COE has been established to give customers business benefits by working on

  • modernization and research
  •  Understanding enterprise challenges
  •  Latest Java trends and frameworks
  •  Performance engineering to give scalable solutions
  •  Automated software processes, unit testing, automated builds, continuous integration

Java Consulting

I-Softinc gives technology consulting for Java app development and migration. We can give you roadmaps, custom software technology stack, and reference architecture for Java development. As consulting partners, we suggest best practices, appropriate frameworks, and optimal solutions to clients. The Java team also givess consulting and assistance in migrating applications to the Java platform.  

  • Performance analysis
  • Impact analysis
  • Reference architecture

Development and Maintenance

Web apps are built by combining the perfect tools, frameworks and processes. At I-Softinc, we do not limit ourselves to development project alone. We extend our service to include enrichment as well as maintenance of existing apps while working on entirely new ones.

  • Design, development, testing, maintenance
  • Development process - agile, waterfall
  • Optimal framework selection

Migration of App

Migrations of apps from other languages such as .NET and legacy systems are carried out after careful considerations. We conduct an searching of the existing system architecture and discern the business requirement previously migrating.



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