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Windows mobile app development services.

Windows mobile app development services.

Date : Dec 11, 2019
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Windows mobile app development services.

One of the early adopters of the Window Mobiles platform for mobile application development services and has helped enterprises advantage the platform for addressing many business challenges. I-softinc has also developed and published a host of customer centric Windows Phone applications, as the platform shifted to the more advanced Windows Phone latest version. we has a team of resources as well as  trained and best knowledge skilled in Windows i platform who can provide lots of consulting and development services as part of mobile application development. Windows Phone applications developed by i-softinc  makes use of platform specific quality  such as Live Tiles, Metro/ Windows 8 UI, Customize Notifications and In App Purchasing as well as customized components to meet application need.

Windows Phone is slowly gaining tension among client and hardware manufacturers. The operating system has seen a slew of updates with increasing developed functionality. This means that you might have a essential number of clients on this platform. These customers, like other mobile client will want applications and you can have a important early conveyor advantage if you jump right in. Because Windows Mobile application development is technically same to developing Windows desktop application you want to choose a developer


•             Developer has much experience with designing applications for Windows phone

•             have experience and knowledge in mobile app development

Windows Phone operating system has so far remaining in the shadows of iPhone and Android. But off late we are seeing a strongly flow in this platform especially after Microsoft has acquired the mobile. Thanks to the company of Windows operating system-based smartphones and smart organization decisions taken by Microsoft. In 24 countries, along with Britain, Germany and France Windows phones have been began to outsell iphone devices. If you haven’t work into Windows Phone Application Development – this is the time to do so!


Microsoft in the modern years has positioned this OS as the golden mean between the openness of Android and closeness of iphone. Windows Phone is a highly extensive platform that offers you a activity of many opportunity to develop applications that are enchanting and help you connect with your end client. The Live Tiles quality allows you to create distinct recognizable apps to business your brand.


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