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Have you heard of the term RAD, mostly known as Rapid Application Development? If you have been associated with custom software development and other prominent services from a custom software development company, then you need to be aware of RAD as well.

RAD can help in reducing your risk and the delivery time, which in turn, helps you to engage more with your business users and customers during the software development by the software developer. Our team from I-Softinic Technologies knows the value of RAD and has been working on it for ages.

You can see the value of RAD with android app development software and how coupling with low code can help you in launching better applications and the products at a faster rate for sure.

Understanding the RAD even more:

Before you proceed further and get your hands on the best app development software, it is time to learn a tad bit about the RAD for sure. So, let’s focus on those points now.

  • The RAD model of the software development services will emphasize more the User Design prototyping cycle, testing, and refining of it all.
  • Whenever the waterfall method is rigid and planned, RAD is considered to be responsive and flexible to the user input.
  • Even after being around 30 years old, the RAD model, as followed by our software application developer, has been reinvigorated by the modernized business need.
  • The main goal is to provide the users with some engaging experiences across the devices. Right from web-based apps and native mobile apps to conversational apps, our software solutions company is always following the RAD module for the best result.

The stages of RAD life cycle:

Join us as one of the top software development companies as we get on discussing the different stages of the RAD life cycle with you in detail. 

  • The first one is the Plan. IT stakeholders and businesses will work for hand in hand to scope out a project. The main focus will be on key objectives but allow for flexibility during the prototyping sub-section of the user design stage.
  • User-informed design is the next stage, where the cycle is split into prototyping, testing, and refining. RAD focuses on user design by getting the work model in front of the users early and most often.
  • Construct is the third stage that our software development agency would love to discuss. The modern RAD is optimized by lower coding platforms to facilitate IT communication. During the construct phase, these platforms with model-driven development will empower both business users and developers.
  • The final stage is the cutover. By compressing parallel stages from the traditional version of SDLC or Software Development Life cycle, the cutover phase will have testing, integration, implementation, and maintenance as the final goals over here.

So, the next time you want to learn more about the RAD model, choosing our it software company is the first point to consider. Give us a call at our official number or visit the I-Softinic Technologies website for some details.

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