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Mobile Application Development: A Value Added Concept

Mobile Application Development: A Value Added Concept

Date : 2016-Jul-Sun

I-Softinc was a proud part of Imagine 2020

Mobile applications have become a trend, providing mobile devices an identity, flexibility, and bundled functionality. 2016 revolution in computer era, mobile application development has provided end users immense ease in terms of anytime and anywhere access, instant calculations, finding locations, gaming, other sources of entertainment and much more. Statistics say that mobile user base will increase dramatically in coming years and prices will drop in comparison.

For instance, you are somewhere out of your country and not able to locate your destination. In such situation, your smartphone turns out to be the best and last resort. You can simply use the ‘Map’ application through GPS and find the location in a snap of fingers. This is just one case; your phone is such a great helper in many more cases. Entertainment apps are enough to keep you engaged in your free time; so you need not to rush to anywhere and look for options for entertainment. Unfortunately, there are various mobile apps that you don’t get by default rather they need to be built by a third party for which you need to have a good knowledge about an efficient team that develops mobile applications.

I-softinc specified the technical skills
• HTML5,
• CSS3,
• JavaScript,
• jQuery,
• AngularJS,
• XML, and
• Bootstrap
Apart from the above Skills below given is an asset:

• Understanding of UI/UX design,
• Ember.js, and
• Backbone.js.

It sounds good to have a feature and application bundled mobile device, however, you must make sure that you have to get responsible, passionate and technology freak developers. Hiring an inefficient group brings challenges and complications to you and in that case, you cannot hold anyone responsible but yourself.

So, an important thing to keep in mind to make your mobile even more wonderful through a trusted mobile app development company is to do a good research and search for a reliable and reputed group of developers over the web.

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