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Mobile Application Technology

Mobile Application Technology

Date : 2016-Jul-Sun

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Reasons to Choose an iPhone over Android Phone

Gone is the time when users had a thought that iPhone is quite expensive and a bit complicated and ended up with choosing an Android. Today’s era is more towards quality instead of cost. Android is now in danger zone not because of the false reasons that it’s less user friendly or bad in looks but because it lacks in quality when compared with an iPhone. This post is dedicated to bring important reasons why users should switch to an iPhone.

User Interface

iPhone offers an intuitive, high quality, and polished interface. If you are to select one of them with respect to GUI, you will pick iPhone without any fail. Yes, that’s the magic the iPhone creates.

Battery Life

The more you use it, the faster it eats battery; this is the story of all smartphones, however, iPhone 4 is an exception. According to Apple, it offers talk time of 7 hours and 3G data usage of 6 hours.

Technical Power

iOS is technically stronger than Android. For instance, Bluetooth streaming audio is good even when you are travelling.


One of the most important features, Camera is just incredible in iPhone; it’s simply loved for clear and high definition pictures.


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