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Its complete depend upon the feature to feature . a normal app without backed starts from $2k  for one platform , if you working with individual may be it lesser but it will be hard to mange the app , cause app development need regular serveries support , so you need to work with a proper company only.

Mid size app like eCommerce app starts from $ 5k - above depending upon feature for one platform.

Some advanced feature based app and technology and hardware integration app starts from $ 20k and above.

For the enterprise app stars from $ 50k and above .

Native will be the best , cause of following reasons

easy to use

easy to add new feature

fast smooth

both App Store and Play store allow all the native in the policy terms

redesign change and further development cost less.

help in ASO and marketing of the app

take less server space

take less memory

You can contact us , our team will help to make better assistance for the same , as we have done tons of app , and we can tell you via a better market research .

For the downloads there 3 factors depends

A your app idea

B your product quality

C your marketing strategy

for all purpose from app development, app marketing ,app support , we are one stop solution , we can give you a detailed solution to reach to the same so contact us today.

Funding depends upon following factors

A who you are.

B your idea of the app

C your business plan to run the app

D how much committed you are about your app.

Investor basically invest on you not on your idea. if you see a problem and you got something to solve that , there you will get the big investors with you.

Prepare the idea with the prototype for which you can reach us , we can help you to make the prototype with the shaping the idea which will allow you to present to the investors . we will give you a complete consultancy from start to end to how you can get seed funding.

There is a lot of ways to get the investor to invest on your app , you can mail your idea to them , or you can get someone your known , through them , via the business summit ,seminars .

Apart from with I-softinc , has a connection with many many big investors , so we can make you in contact with your idea to get the funding .

To earn $100/day from an app , there a lot of ways

App Monetization : to give the ads on your app , nowadays there are a lot of ad network like admob , rev mob , flurry , chart booster , start app , and many more , only the thing is you need to have a good download of your app ,

for example , you can see the temple run , with ads they earn a lot with per click , per impression and many ways , a detailed idea we can give you , how this exactly work and how you can earn $100/day even more then that so contact us today.

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