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Why mobile application demand increases day by day

Why mobile application demand increases day by day

Date : Oct 01, 2020
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Day by day world completely dependent on mobile applications. When mobile is introduced no one taking interest in it but according to time and development in mobile applications and accessories its popularity starts increasing day by day and today everyone have a mobile phone in their hands. The main reason for increasing the popularity of mobile is its application which is developed by software companies.

Today every people are busy on mobile, but actually they all are busy in mobile applications like social applications, game, educational applications etc. Time to time mobile demands will increasing day by day, because its applications are increasing day by day with being the cost lower also.

Know more about mobile app development:


Mobile app development is being in software development companies. There are lot of mobile app development company in India. The main theme of these mobile application development companies to develop applications which is easy to use and must fulfil the required requirements from the owner side of that application.

In India lots of mobile application development companies, among all one of them is i-softinc technologies, Noida (UP). Which is started in 2010 and today became one of the Enterprise Application developments?

. I-softinc develop all types of mobile application like android, ios, i-pad etc.


Why mobile application demand increases day by day:

As we all know that today’s world want everything in hand or in his nearby. So this demand will be almost completed by using mobile with their useful applications. If you have an android phone, you no need to go for mobile recharge shop, no need to go for shopping. Everything will be available on mobile applications.

List of some popular mobile applications which demands are too high and their users are increasing day by day:

•             Social application: some top most social applications are whatapp, Facebook, Gmail, hike etc. which help to connect the peoples by chatting/mailing etc.

•             Educational applications: there are lots of educational applications which help student or people to learn from mobile.

•             Travelling applications: travelling applications help to find the best way of travel, travelling cost, travel time etc. some popular applications are irctc, red bus, holidays etc.

•             Job applications: these application help the people to find out the suitable jobs for him.

•             Entertainment applications: by using this application we can book movie tickets, music etc.

•             Restaurant/hotel applications: these applications help to find out nearest hotels/restaurants, their costs, their services etc.

•             Game application: gaming application have lots of game inside this applications. Today’s there are lots of games in Google play store, just download and enjoy your free time.


Positive points: mobile application helps the people to increase their knowledge, save their time, cost, and finding lots of information from a small mobile device because of their applications. By using mobile applications we are familiar with wold’s latest technologies and their uses.

Negative points: although all the mobile application are good but some mobile apps are such like that the youth may be misuse it. One of the most drawback is that if you lost your phone and you don’t have password screen lock then your valuable application other person misuse it like Gmail, Facebook etc.


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