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Build Fast and SEO friendly web apps using ReactJs Redux and NextJs

Build Fast and SEO friendly web apps using ReactJs Redux and NextJs

Date : Feb 27, 2021
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Everyone is alert to the very fact that SEO is that the most important digital promoting tool. No startup or enterprise will grow while not exploitation effective SEO practices. SEO is formed of many parts and one should perceive the operating of those parts to understand the SEO as an entire. Mastering SEO means that additional traffic, opportunities, and profit for your business. except that, SEO is additionally helpful for building relationships, complete awareness, and establishing yourself as a trustworthy and reliable knowledgeable in your field.


Importance of SEO


SEO is vital because it keeps the search results of search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo truthful. It eliminates or reduces the likelihood of manipulating search results. within the absence of SEO, it might be very simple to control the search results.


In easy words, SEO is Google’s thanks to verifying the rank of websites for the question entered into the computer program. to realize higher SEO ranks, websites should attractive to their guests in conjunction with meeting all alternative criteria.


Even the users trust computer programs thanks to SEO. Whenever they notice a website ranking on high, then they believe that the location could be a credible supply for his or her entered question. The ranking is extremely crucial because it can fetch additional clicks and traffic for your website.


Another factor that makes SEO therefore special is that the incontrovertible fact that its cost-effectiveness. several corporations pay a fortune on paid ads for higher reach; but, not all corporations have that luxury as they're running on a tight schedule. SEO could be a boon for those corporations. because it offers them a cheap thanks to driving qualified traffic while not paying for it.


We simply saw the importance of SEO; currently, let’s have a glance at its working rule. The computer program utilizes net crawlers to see any website’s ranking on the search results.


A web crawler is nothing however a larva whose job is to frequently visit the online pages and analyzing them as per the precise criteria established by the individual computer program. each computer program has its crawler. as an example, Google’s crawler name is Googlebot. The Googlebot searches pages link by link to collect very important data on numerous aspects like content individuality, website freshness, and also the total range of backlinks. Not solely this however it additionally downloads CSS and markup language files so send that knowledge to the Google servers.


SEO in single-page applications however crawlers work


React-driven single-page applications (SPAs) have become in style among technical school giants like Google, Facebook, Twitter, and lots of additional. It’s chiefly as a result of React allows for building responsive, fast, and animation-rich net applications which will provide sleek and made user expertise.


However, it’s just one facet of the coin. the online applications that square measure developed with React possess restricted capabilities for SEO. This causes issues for the online applications that get most of their traffic and guests through solely SEO promoting.


But there’s excellent news as there square measure few ready-made react solutions that will assist you to beat the SEO challenges related to the SPA. however before we tend to discuss that, let’s perceive what SPAs square measure and what square measure some helpful ways in which to grasp SEO challenges in React.


What is SPA and why you need to use React?


Single page application could be a net app that works within the browser and doesn’t would like page reloading whereas it’s within the use. this can be as a result of its content is served during a single markup language page and this page is updated dynamically; but, it doesn’t reload with each user interaction.


Apps like Google Maps, Facebook, Gmail, Google Drive, Twitter, and GitHub square measure examples of single-page applications. the key advantage of a well-configured SPA is that the user expertise (UX). It’s as a result of the user's expertise the natural surroundings of the Associate in the Nursing application while not watching for a page reload or the other factor.


To build a SPA, developers will use any of the distinguished JavaScript frameworks that square measure Angular, React, and Vue. Out of those 3 frameworks, React is that the most well-liked among the developers. This was once more tested once State of JavaScript Survey in 2019 named React because of the most well-liked JavaScript framework.


React is that the developer’s initial alternative once it involves developing SPAs attributable to the component-based design that makes it simple to utilize the code and divide the big application into smaller fragments.


Also, maintenance and debugging of enormous SPA comes is much easier than that for large multi-page apps. except that, virtual DOM ensures that the app performance is high. Not solely this however React library conjointly supports each trendy browser which incorporates older versions likewise.


Challenges related to SPA optimization for search engines


Optimization of single-page applications could be a powerful job because it involves many challenges. As we tend to already mentioned higher than that during a SPA, the page initial masses on the client-side that act because of the empty instrumentation. This empty instrumentation is then crammed by the content integrated by JavaScript.


Moreover, you'll conjointly need a browser for running the script into the SPA. solely once this, it'll be able to load the online pages dynamically.


Now, once the computer program bots visit any SPA website, then they won’t be able to crawl the page. they'll solely crawl it if the complete content is already updated within the user’s browsers.


In case, if bots don’t notice any relevant content then they're going to regard your website as blank and poorly created. If this happens, then the computer program won’t index your website or a net application.


These don't seem to be the only|the, therefore, reasons that create React development so tough with relevancy SEO. Let’s have a glance at other reasons one by one


Delays in content taking


Web crawlers do visit the website regularly; but, the frequency isn't daily. That’s the rationale why search engines miss assortment if the content on the page is being updated with each question. Once the CSS, HTML, and JavaScript files area unit with success downloaded, then the information is fetched from the API. solely then, it’s sent to the server.


Limited crawl amount


Search engine bots have a restricted window of your time within which they crawl the varied pages of the websites. during this restricted amount, it analyses as several pages as potential.


However, once the time is up, it’ll merely leave your website despite what. This additionally means if your website takes a protracted time to load, parse, and execute the code, then it'll merely leave the positioning as its crawl amount has already been invalid.


JavaScript code errors


It takes serious lines of committal to write to develop a website and even one error within the JavaScript code will create it robust for the search engines within the method of assortment the page.


In such cases, the JavaScript computer program won’t be able to method the error which can ultimately end in it showing the SyntaxError instantly. That’s the rationale why you need to see to it the JavaScript code before you submit it to Google.


One URL for all pages


This is one of the most important drawbacks of SPAs. It’s doesn’t produce that a lot of retardants if there’s only 1 online page on the website. However, just in the case of a multi-page website, if that one URL isn't updated then it becomes virtually not possible for the search engines to index the page.


Meta tags


To help Google acknowledge your online page content, you'd need distinctive page titles and descriptions for each page. If you fail to try and do this, then Google can take constant descriptions for all the pages.


However, that’s wherever it becomes a retardant just in the case of a one-page application with React Native as you won’t be able to modification these tags within the React.


How to overcome the on top of challenges with React JS


As you saw on top of, their area unit several challenges once it involves the SEO optimization of SPAs. Although, there area unit a couple of that} by which you'll overcome these challenges and create SEO-friendly React app. These ways in which are:




Prerendering is one of all the common approaches that are used for creating single also as multi-page internet apps SEO-friendly. one of all the foremost outstanding methods of doing it by victimization the prerendering services.


It’s typically used once the search bots area unit unable to render the pages properly. In such cases, you'll use pre-renderers that area unit the special programs that intercept the requests to the website. So, there are unit 2 cases here as shown within the figure.


First, if the request is from a larva then the pre-renderers send a cached static hypertext markup language version of the website. Second, if it’s from the user, then the same old page is loaded. As compared to the server-side rendering, pre-rendering incorporates a lighter server payload. However, it’s additionally true that the majority of the prerendering services area unit paid and that they don’t work well with the dynamically dynamical content. Let’s have a glance at the professional and cons of prerendering very well.




1. Supports all the most recent internet novelties
2. Simpler and easier to implement
3. Requires stripped-down to no codebase modifications
4. Executes each sort of trendy JavaScript by remodeling it into a static hypertext markup language




1. Not appropriate for pages that show oft dynamical information
2. These services area unit paid
3. Pre-rendering is often quite timed intense if the web site is large and consists of the many pages
4. You have to construct the pre-rendered page for every time you modify its content


Server-side rendering


If you’re wanting to create a React internet application, then you need to understand the distinction between server-side and client-side rendering.


Client-side rendering means the Google larva and browser get hypertext markup language files or files that have little content. After that, JavaScript code downloads the content from the server that allows the users to look at it on their screens.


If we tend to see it from the SEO perspective, then client-rendering poses few issues. It’s as a result of the Google bots get little to no content and therefore they're powerless to index it properly.


However, with server-side rendering, the Google bots and browsers will get hypertext markup language files beside all the content. This helps Google bots to index the page well.


Server-side rendering is one in all the simplest ways in which to make React internet applications that area unit SEO-friendly. Although, if you wish to create a one-page application that may render on the server, then you’ll need to feature Next.js.


Isomorphic React apps

Isomorphic React applications are some things that may run each client-side also because of the server-side. With the assistance of similarity JavaScript, you'll run the React app besides capturing the rendered hypertext markup language that is sometimes rendered by the browser. This rendered hypertext markup language file is often then sent to anyone UN agency requests the positioning.


The hypertext markup language file is employed as a base by the app on the client-side then continues operational within the browser as if it had been rendered on the browser solely.


A similarity app determines if the consumer will run the scripts or not. The code is rendered on the server once JavaScript is turned off. this allows bots and browsers to induce all the specified meta content and tags in CSS and hypertext markup language.


The moment JavaScript is switched on, the primary page is rendered on the server that allows the browser to induce CSS, HTML, and JavaScript files. then JavaScript begins running that hundreds remainder of the content dynamically.


This is the rationale why the primary screen is showed quicker. Not solely this, however, it additionally makes the app a lot of compatible with older browsers. Even the user interactions area unit power tool as compared to the client-side rendering of internet sites.


Developing period similarity apps are often a pain because it consumes a vast quantity of your time. However, there are unit few frameworks that may create period similarity app development easier and quicker. the 2 of the foremost well-liked frameworks area unit Gatsby and Next.js.
Gatsby may be a free ASCII text file compiler that permits developers to form ascendable, fast, and powerful net applications. It’s necessary to note that Gatsby doesn’t provide server-side rendering, instead of that, it generates a static website then stores the generated hypertext mark-up language files on the hosting service or cloud.


This was Gatsby, currently, let’s have a glance at Next.js thoroughly.

Next.js framework for SEO improvement

Next.js may be a powerful tool once it involves determining the SEO improvement challenges of SPA and React-based net applications. So, what specifically is Next.js?


What is Next.js?

Next.js may be a React framework that is employed to form React apps with no hassles. It additionally permits hot code reloading and automatic code rending. Moreover, Next.js may do full-fledged server-side rendering which implies that hypertext mark-up language is generated for each request.


Next.js comes with an embarrassment of advantages for each shopper also as for the event team.

How to optimize the Next.js app for SEO?

Let’s have a glance at the assorted steps related to SEO improvement of Next.js apps.

Make your web site crawlable

Next.js offers 2 choices for providing crawlable content to look engines. These choices square measure server-side rendering or prerendering.


In the below guide, we’ll show you the way you'll prerender your web site. To prerender the app, you have got to update.


Create a SiteMap


Having a sitemap is usually preferred once it involves SEO because it helps the search engines to index the website in an associate degree acceptable approach. But, making a sitemap may be a tedious method. This may appear like associate degree excessive live since you merely have one page. However, you’ll be completely lined just in case you're thinking that of increasing or growing your SPA.


 Addition of data

The addition of data to the website is taken into account sensible follow since it assists the crawlers in understanding your page’s content. Next.js adds most of the data mechanically which has the content sort also because of the viewpoint.


 How to build your net application quickly with Redux?

You can’t decide on an internet application or a website SEO-friendly till and unless it’s quick. Speed may be an important requirement for line of work any web site or net application SEO-friendly.


Now, the question arises that however are you able to build your net application quicker. this can be wherever revived steps in. Let’s perceive what revived specifically is and what square measure its edges.


What is Redux?

Redux is nothing however a library and pattern that manages and updates the applying state by mistreatment events that square measure called actions.


It additionally is a centralized store for a state that is needed to be used in your entire application. Some rules make sure that the state is just updated in an associate degree expected fashion.


Why use Redux?

There square measure several reasons on why one should use revived. one amongst the rationale is that it makes it easier to grasp why, where, when, and the way the state within the application is being updated.


It additionally provides you the thought on however the applying logic can behave once those updates occur. Let’s have a glance at different reasons one by one:


Predictable state

The state is usually inevitable once it involves the revived. If an equivalent action and state square measure competent the reducer then an equivalent result's created since reducers square measure pure functions.


Other than that, the state is additionally immutable which implies that it ne'er changes. this can be exactly why it becomes doable to implement exhausting tasks like infinite undo and redo.



Redux is a kind of power once it involves the organization and structure of code. This makes it simple for somebody WHO possesses the information of revived to simply perceive the structure of a revived application. Thus, it enhances the maintainability of codes.


Debuggable for an extended amount

Redux makes the debugging of associate degree applications simple. work state and actions build it simple to grasp network errors, writing errors, and different types of bugs that will arise throughout production.


State persistence

You can additionally persist several of the app’s states to native storage then restore it once the refresh is completed.


When to use Redux?

In several frameworks as well as React, the communication between 2 parts that lack the parent-child relationship is discouraged. As per React, to make this, you want to you'll produce a world event system that follows Flux’s pattern. this can be wherever revived steps in.


With Redux, you have got a store wherever you'll simply keep all the applying state. If there's any modification in element A, then that modification is relayed to the opposite parts B and C that square measure required to remember of this modification of state in element A.
This state of affairs is far higher than what we tend to have earlier imaginary. It’s as a result of just in case we tend to have left our parts to speak with one another, then there could’ve been a slip or associate degree illegible codebase. With Redux, you'll avoid this example.


Component A sends the state changes to the shop, just in case element B or C needs this activity then they merely comprehend from the shop. This makes the information flow logic seamless.



Single-page applications or a lot of usually called net applications square measure glorious for providing top-notch seamless interactions and exceptional performances as compared to the native applications. also, they additionally provide simple net development and a lighter server payload.


It would be a true shame if you miss these edges simply because of SEO-related challenges. however, it’s now not the case, as you'll overcome all the SEO-challenges with the assistance of solutions mentioned within the journal higher than.


I hope this text provided you with helpful insights on however you'll develop SEO-friendly and quick net applications. However, there’s a neater thanks to developing your net app which is by hiring dedicated developers from Peerbits WHO possess top-notch ability sets and skills.
These dedicated developers are well-adept in developing quick and SEO-friendly internet apps by exploiting the higher than ways. So, what are you waiting for? rent dedicated developers from Peerbits currently to induce started.

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