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Date : Feb 26, 2021
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Oracle is a Relational database management company that is widely known for their software oracle DB is used for DBMS or simply oracle is a corporation that develops a software named oracle database for the database management system. Oracle has many features like data security, data storage, data security, and data retrieval. Oracle is the widely most trusted and used database engine. Oracle is run on every major OS like WINDOWS OS, Mac OS, and Linux. Oracle works on a language that is SQL or Structured Query language. Which widely used for storage and use the data in a table format. Somehow to date, Oracle has the only competitor in the Database management market and i.e. Microsoft SQL.


There are numerous advantages of Oracle DB some of them are written below


Portability: -

Oracle DB can port all the different platforms it can run over 20+ networking protocols and can work on over 100+ hardware platforms.

Backup and recovery: -

This is one of the reasons why the oracle DB is more successful than other Database corporations which are fighting or competing with oracle having not that many effective recoveries and backup processors while in oracle database recovery and backup is quite easy and effective.

 Multiple Database Support: -

The Oracle database supports multiple databases which is the most user-friendly thing in which users can make more than one database at one time and can through various databases at the same time.

Updates: -

The Oracle DB is relevant for decades because of its regular updates through which the query or any problem of users can resolve in a short period of time.

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