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Urdu Translation Services

Urdu Translation Services for your business


Urdu is one of the most popular languages in the world. Urdu speakers are scattered all over the world. There are nearly 60-70 million speakers of Urdu. Since Urdu spoken by the number of people in the world, Urdu Translation Services are needed for obvious reasons. All our Urdu translators are native speakers of Urdu having an in-depth knowledge of Urdu. Apart from possessing linguistic excellence in Urdu, our Urdu translators are experts in various fields like Engineering, medical, education, research, science and technology etc. They possess in-depth knowledge of the subject-matter and are fully capable of serving all your Urdu translation requirements...


We not only provide you quality Urdu translation services, but we provide them at very affordable prices, without compromising with the translation quality. Be it your single document or a huge project for Urdu interpretation, we provide you accurately translated and formatted content.


Cheap & Affordable Urdu Translators Services


We are the leaders in providing quality Urdu translation to our customers. Our proofreaders read the document after the translation is over. This makes the document error-free. I-softinc also offers Urdu interpretation services to its customers. Our interpreters are highly qualified industry experts who possess relevant experience in the field of interpretation. We have a team of professional Urdu interpreters to tackle your Business Meetings, Conferences Trials, Hearings Medical appointments etc.


You can provide us the source text in any format (doc, indd, cdr, pdf, xls, ppt etc) and we deliver the Urdu Translated document in the format of your choice.


All our English to Urdu Translations is performed by Urdu ‘mother tongue’ translators. Our idea behind a perfect interpretation is that a quality Urdu translated document should show to the reader as if it was originally written in Urdu. Thus, you can rest assured of an error-free, on-time Urdu translation.


We provide 100% human Urdu to English Translation and do not use machine tools for translation. Our Urdu Translators have a near-native hold on both Urdu and English and thus, supported by our three-tier quality policy can provide you an error-free Urdu translation experience. 


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