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Tender Translation Services

Tender In Your Understandable Language

Applying for a tender abroad or in a different geographical region? Cannot understand the tender because you don’t know the language in which the tender document is written? Our quality tender translation services can help. We offer tender translation in over 130 languages. Thus, you can simply let us know the tender that you are looking at and we shall simply share the translated version with you at an affordable price.


Rest Assured Quality translation service

As an Expert tender translation company in India, we understand that tender apps are an important part of business development. Our experienced tender translators ensure that your tender is translated from any language to English or English to any other language or any language combination with high quality. Understanding that the minor details in a tender are very important to your app, we guarantee a high quality, detail oriented translation.


Choose Your preferred language

We work in multiple Indian and foreign languages, thus no matter whether the document is in French, Spanish, German, Chinese, Japanese, Tamil, Telugu, Hindi or in any other language, we can provide you with the translated version. Also, our Efficient tender translation services allow you to choose what pages of a particular bulky tender document that you need translation for, and we shall provide you with the same.

We Can Assist you in Translating your Tender

We provide complete 360-degree tender translation services. Thus, if you are applying for a tender, say in France, we can provide you French to English translation of the French tender and then translate your proposal/app documents from English to French so that you can submit them to the tender governing body.


Complete Confidentiality Assured

As a customer friendly tender translation agency, we follow a strict privacy policy and do not share your data/details with any third party. Thus, you can rest assured that your confidential information will not be shared with anyone or misused by anybody. 


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