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Tamil Translation Services

Tamil Translation Services for your business


With the advent of microfinance and the prominence of digital literacy campaigns across the country, the demand for Tamil Translation Services is on a rise. I-softinc is a one-stop language services provider company. We provide translation services in many languages including Tamil. Our Tamil translators are experts in the Tamil language. We translate in nearly 150 Indian and foreign languages to and from Tamil. We choose only native Tamil translators.


We offer Tamil Translation in all fields. So, whether you need Tamil Translation in legal, medical, pharmaceutical, software, we have the expertise to handle all these subjects comfortably.


Cheap & Affordable Tamil Translators Services


1. We provide high quality, cost-effective Tamil interpretation services. Depending upon your requirement – whether it is a meeting, a conference, a simple dialogue or a training interpretation, we can allocate an appropriately experienced Tamil interpreter.


2. We work on both ttf and Unicode Tamil fonts, so, you just need to inform us about the font you need and we shall use the same without any extra cost.


3. Our DTP experts are comfortable with all file formats – jpeg, Corel Draw, InDesign, pdf, MS Word (.doc), .xls etc. Thus, you can provide us the source doc in any format and we shall provide you the Tamil translated document in the format of your choice.


Our native Tamil translators make sure that the English to Tamil Translation is purely context based and not merely a word to word translation. Our idea behind high-quality Tamil Interpretation is that the translated document should appear to a reader as if it was originally written in Tamil.


Our Tamil Translation Agency, I-softinc offers Tamil to English translation in both UK and US English. Our three-tier quality policy supported by our dedicated project management team ensures a high-quality Tamil Translation. 


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