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Proofreading Services

Professional Proofreading Services

Proofreading Services exist to ensure that your content is free of embarrassing errors before it is put into actual use (sent to the press, uploaded on your website etc). At our translation company, proofreading experts have an eye for details and read between the lines to ensure that your content is total ‘error-free’. Our editors not only check multilingual material for grammatical errors or spelling mistakes, they also review the content as per your company’s exact guidelines. This ensures high-quality proofreading services for our clients.

Expert Proofreading Editing Services

Our proofreaders/editors come from backgrounds as diverse as marketing, journalism to technical fields such as IT and Engineering Technology. They not only edit your content to ensure ‘flawless delivery’ but also craft your material in such a way that it maximizes the impact on the potential audience to ensure Professional proofreading services.

We Work in More Than 130 + Proofreading  Languages

We offer proofreading services for editing content translated into multiple languages. Our Professional translation experts review your content and make sure that it is translated accurately and takes into account the cultural aspect of the target language.

Our proofreading services involve a 4 step process  including dual quality check, this quality process helps us ensure accurate proofreading services.

We understand the importance of confidentiality for proofreading services and can sign the non-disclosure agreement as and when required. All our editors are bound by a strict confidentiality policy. We respect your privacy and do not use share your personal/translation data with any third party. For details, refer to our privacy policy.

If you are in a real hurry and have a dire need for urgent proofreading services, our translation agency offers you our express proofreading services at no extra cost! We offer you a certificate of accuracy if you so wish.

We offer proofreading services throughout India and the rest of the world. Our client base is spread across India, USA, Europe and other parts of the world. You can give us a ring anytime at our helpline number, or create your profile on our website to submit the document online.

We offer Online proofreading services at the click of a button. To get all your proofreading work done at a single web point, kindly login to www.i-softinc.com and submit your request online. We shall get back to you asap with the quote and the required time and once you finalize, you can rest assured of our professional online proofreading services. We understand your internet security concerns and all your transactions are made through a secure payment gateway. 

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