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Game Translation Services

 Game Localization Services that enhance your gaming experience

The gaming industry is growing rapidly and this is the need for game translation. At I-softinc, we clearly understand the dynamics involved while localizing a game and hence create a localized version of the game that takes into account the target micro-geography, micro-culture. The terms we use in the local language ensure that the excitement of the game stays up to the mark.

Game translation by Professionals

We understand that the game User Interface and the coding are done in highly technical programming languages. Our tech experts have a knowhow of the latest gaming technologies and provide you with a cost-effective highly accurate game translation services. So, no matter what technology platform you are using, you can rest assured of our high quality, customized gaming localization solutions.

Complete affection and quality services

As a professional game translation company in India, we ensure complete confidentiality of your content and personal information. You can have an NDA signed with us, easily share your gaming platform and we can do the localization for you!

Our three-tier quality policy ensures that the translated content is highly accurate and contextually correct as per the source.

Dynamic content maintenance

We understand that the gaming industry is an ever-evolving and a highly dynamic industry. Our project managers work in close collaboration with you to update your content dynamically with the turn around times as low as 2 hours! We offer one of industry’s fastest professional game translations.

Game translation in over 130 languages!

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