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Elearning Translation Services

E-learning Content Translation Services

I-softinc acts as a one-stop solution for all your e-learning localization needs. We offer e-learning translation services for all types of training content focused on different segments of the society. E-learning industry has been growing at a strong pace and more and more content is being written regularly for training people with different demography, geography, literacy level etc.

Client-Based e-learning Translation Services

As a professional e-learning translation company based in New Delhi, India, we completely understand that you put in a lot of efforts while creating content that is focused on the target audience. We understand that the target audiences’ educational background determines the level of simplicity or complexity of the language to be used in e-learning modules. Basis, we ensure that our e-learning translators provide you with translated modules that are written in a language style that suits the target audience. Our targeted e-learning services ensure 100% assimilation and understanding of the modules by the trainees.

130+ Languages, 20000+ Translators

We offer e-learning translation in over 130 languages that include Hindi, Punjabi, French, German, Spanish, Urdu, Chinese, Japanese, Malayalam, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Marathi, Italian and other Indian, Asian, European, American and African languages. We work with native translators with rich translation experience. To make sure that the target audience can actually ‘relate’ to the content in their language, we localize the content based on the target region.

We Work On All Types File Formats

We understand that training/e-learning content is prepared in different file formats. As a leading e-learning translation agency, we work on all file formats and offer the high-quality native translation:

E-learning Files System

If you have your e-learning content in the form of MS word documents or excel worksheets (.doc, .docx, .xls, .xlsx), you can simply share them across and we shall translate and deliver you the translated file in the same style, same format. Our DTP team ensures that your files are delivered exactly in the same format and styling as the source.

E-learning Slides/Presentations

If you have created your training modules in the form of a pictographic presentation and want to get them localized, you are at the right place. We can offer you high-quality e-learning presentation translation services with exactly the same formatting as the source. Thus, you get a fully localized file back with the same ‘original’ look and feel. We shall also localize the slide notes that can be handy when an instructor is training using the localized e-learning training modules.

E-learning Audio/Voice Over Services

In case you want your e-learning modules to be recorded by a professional VO artist, we can do that. We have a hi-fi recording studio and have native artists on board. 

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