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Bengali Translation Services

Bengali Translation Services for your business


I-softinc makes Bengali translation possible for you. Either you wish to communicate in Bengali or you want to get your document interpreted in Bengali, we are here to provide you Bengali translation services at very reasonable prices. Whether you wish to reach Bengali customers or it's your personal document for translation, we are experts in providing high-quality error-free Bengali translation services.


Our Bengali translators are native speakers of Bengali and they are experts in Bengali translation. Our qualified Bengali translators have knowledge in different fields like IT, legal, technical, website, software. Our Bengali translation agency provides Bengali translation services to our clients throughout the world at highly competitive prices.


We also provide Bengali interpretation services. Our interpretation services cater to your needs of corporate meetings, conferences, trials and hearings, medical appointments etc.


 Cheap & Affordable Bengali Translation Services In india


1. You can also avail our Online Bengali services. You just have to send us your document online and we’ll get back to you within an hour with a quote and the timeline.

2. You can send us your document in any format – xls, pdf, doc, jpeg etc. Our DTP team will work on your document and provide you translation in the format of your choice.


All our translators who work on English to Bengali Translation have Bengali as their mother tongue. Thus, you can rest assured of a high quality, contextual, on-time translation of your English docs to Bengali.


A strong understanding of Bengali along with a near-native hold on English is needed for Bengali to English translation. Our Bengali translators are professionals with a minimum experience of 7-8 years in translation.


Professional Bengali Transcription Services


We offer professional Bengali Transcription services at affordable prices. Our native Bengali speakers listen to Bengali audio and create a text document out of it. While transcribing, our transcribers make sure that no words/phrases are missed out. In case of multi-character dialogues, each character is diligently noted and equivalent dialogues are written down. The document is then interpreted into any language of your choice by our professional Bengali translators. 


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