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Pharmaceutical Translation Services

 I-softinc The Cult Brand in Pharmaceutical Translation.


The pharmaceutical industry has been growing by leaps and bounds globally in the last few years. The world of clinical trials is expanding with many patient participants being engaged from sites around the globe. The companies are now planning to go beyond the USA, the largest pharmaceuticals market, and penetrate emerging markets like India, Brazil, China etc. The multinational nature of today’s pharmaceutical industry highlights the importance of accurate translation.


The Director of Professional Pharmaceutical Translation


I-softinc is a leading Pharmaceutical translation company headquartered in Delhi, India. A language partner of choice to global pharmaceutical companies, Contract Research Organizations (CROs) and Market Research agencies, we understand both the subject matter and the attention to detail required. We know that when it comes to pharma translations and language services, there is no margin for error: Communication is critical.


That’s where we come in. As communication experts and specialists in pharma translation range, we are here to assist you to achieve your goals – improving health, treatments, and cures and saving lives.


Our extensive knowledge of a pharma translation language partner process means that our linguists and Project Managers have in-depth knowledge of the required approach and terminology. We know how to work with you to ensure that your message has the desired impact on all your target markets. As a professional pharma translation company, our linguists are fully qualified, native-speaker specialists, who know these industries inside-out and are up-to-date with the latest terminology. Our Project Managers will ensure the success of your p

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