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Certified Translation services

Business translation services

Looking for translation of your business documents/business presentations etc? You are at the right place! We are an ISO certified business translation company offering translation services of all types of content related to your business. Whether you are looking to get your business presentations translated, want to get a document related to your business to be converted into the clients’ language or simply need a business email to be translated, we have the resources and the ability to offer you such business translation with ease. We work in a variety of business-related domains – marketing/sales, hr, management, pieces of training, business presentations, tenders etc and offer business translation in over 130 languages.


At I-softinc, we completely understand that speaking the customers’ language makes converting a business deal much easier. Similarly sharing documents in the language that the client speaks makes the document much easy to understand.


Quality oriented business translation Service by Procession experts


All our business translations undergo a three-tier quality policy to ensure that the output completely errors free. Translation is first done by a native professional translator, is reviewed by the translator and is then proofread by another professional translator. Our business translators ensure that the translation is completely context based and the target document conveys exactly the same meaning as the source document.


We work on all types of file formats. So, you are free to send us your request for professional business translation services in the file format that you have. In return, we shall provide you the translated version in the target language in the file format of your choice (doc, pdf, jpeg etc)


Once the project is finalized, our project manager prepares a complete time plan and immediately allocates the documents to the appropriate translator who has relevant domain experience. You will be surprised with our astonishingly rapid turn around time. We stick to our delivery schedule as a thoroughly professional business translation agency.


Have prepared a brochure in English and need to translate it to another language? Worried that the graphics work would need to be redone in another language? Relax! You can simply send us the complete graphics file (in the coral draw, design, illustrator, photoshop etc) and we shall provide you a completely designed output file that you can use. We have an in-house graphic design team that is conversant with the latest graphic design tools.


Authentic Business transcription services


We offer high-quality business transcription in multiple languages. We have a team of professional transcribers who can listen to your audio/video and create a document for the same. We have high-quality audio systems & speakers which ensure that each of your audio detail is listened to carefully and a thorough doc is created that conveys exactly the same message as the source audio. Once transcription is done, our professional translators can translate the transcribed doc into any language of your choice.


No language Hurdle & no geographical Boundary

No matter where you are located, we are simply an email/phone call away.


We have our business partners spread across the globe

  • USA
  • UK
  • Australia
  • France
  • Germany
  • South African
  • European nations. 

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