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Terms of Use

Terms of Use


We are services provider company 
we provide IT services 
Project quote and time are based upon client requirement , if any kind of changes in requirement , time and cost will be changes 
i-softinc , provides you the developer solution 
development on android app won’t be able to support all devices , you need define the device specific with versions
version upgrade on any app will cost you separate
i-softinc provide bug fixing and support for 1 month post delivery after that if any kind of issue come , it will be consider as a part of maintenance work , which will cost 10% of the project cost
any kind of addition work , then  initial agreement , like ui , development or any kind of changes will be cost additional
if client not responds for the project more then 4 days continuously without any intimidation ,we can cancel the project without any refund or anything , for the further services , client has to pay from scratch
any kind of delay in response , will be charge additional
any kind of misbehave , or misleading if we found from client , we can stop the work any time without reason.
our response time is 24 hour after the mail , and only in our business hours and working days . in case client need additional services it will cost him 
I-softinc will have full authority to not carry the project at any point of time ,


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