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Create in PHP5 and leveraging Symfony2 Framework, ORO platform is a business app platform that enables rapid custom app development. It’s an easy-to-use open source CRM with inbuilt marketing tools for ecommerce business and offers developers the exact business app platform they have been looking for. Other-channel marketing, custom reporting and customer segmentation are some of the tools for marketing whereas sales management, customer service productivity and multi-channel campany management are some of the tools available for sales.

I-Softinc a leading ecommerce development company specializes in ecommerce customization, payment gateways, ERP connectors etc. gives customer’s its expertise and experience in the implementation of CRM projects. OroCRM is a natural extension of I-Softinc’s focus on ecommerce design and development and aligns perfectly into our customer’s requirement by offering CRM solutions built for ecommerce businesses.

We believe that OroCRM easily and scalability create it great for any business and can be easily integrated with third-party software means that I-Softinc can offer their customer’s additional services to strengthen their business. Also, the app developers at I-Softinc at adept at developing a fully customizable solution that can be easily modified or edited to suit your business needs.

Custom App Development for OroCRM Services include :-

Implementation and Integration –

We deliver end-to-end implementation services which ensure that the CRM app is seamlessly integrated into our customer’s current environment, performs well with other business apps and supports end-to-end business processes.

Custom Application Development –

Our professional’s designer and developer flexible custom CRM apps to address the client’s business needs and deeds.

Data Migration –

Our experts also ensure that all the data stored in the current apps is successfully migrated into the latest CRM solution.

Business and system Assessment –

We revision our customer’s entire business processes and workflows in order to define the CRM app requirements, determine the right CRM solution and uncover any potential problems early on

Testing –

We confirm that the app meets our client’s expectations and delivers the reliability, security and functionality they demand.

I-Softinc Advantage of Custom App Development for OroCRM

  • Highly experienced team to work dedicatedly on your project.
  • Maintain high confidentiality
  • 100% transparency, through-out project
  • Easy hiring options.
  • Transparent communication throughout the project development
  • 24 x 7 technical support and maintenance
  • Easy hiring models


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