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Virto commerce


Virto Commerce Development is an open source eCommerce platform based on Microsoft .Net technology with MS SQL database. Virto Commerce is a secure and flexibility-to-use online shopping cart platform designed and developed for small, medium and large businesses willing to opt for Microsoft based open-source eCommerce solutions. Virto Commerce comes with many funcitons such as catalog management, product management, user and coupon management backed with powerful back office to manage day-to-day routine tasks.

I-Softnic, a global information technology and IT consulting firm offers Virto Commerce based app development services and possess a team of Virto Commerce developers who are adept in designing and developing a complete solution from bespoke customization to complete theme and template design services.

Why Virto Commerce Development?

  • Secure, scalable and extendable
  • Pluggable modular layered architecture
  • Ecommerce support
  • Optimized for search engines
  • Microsoft ecommerce solution
  • Extremely flexible and customizable platform
  • Stable and highly usable with clean and intuitive back-end system

Virto Commerce Development Services include:

  • Virto Commerce Web Development
  • Virto Commerce Customization Services
  • Virto Commerce Theme/Skin Design and Development(PSD, Images or HTML Templates)
  • Implementation of any kinds of Plug-ins or Widgets for Virto Commerce
  • Payment Gateway and Shipping Services Integration
  • Migration of your existing site to Virto Commerce platform
  • Integration of Virto Commerce site with your existing web/app
  • Front-end or Back-end Virto Commerce Customization Services
  • Customization of Virto Commerce Modules to meet client’s specific requirements

I-Softnic Advantage of Virto Commerce Development


  • Leverage from their crystal clear fundamentals in 2D & 3D libraries
  • 100% data & IP protection
  • An industry best team of virto commerce dedicatedly works for you
  • Easy hiring functions
  • Maintain high confidentiality
  • 24 x 7 technical support and maintenance
  • 100% transparency, through-out project


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