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MS System Application Development


Microsoft offers unique app management capabilities that can empower you to deliver agile and predictable app services to your clients across the globe. As an IT service provider, we go a step further to give an out-of-the-box and innovative end-to-end solution create on Microsoft frameworks.


Our technical competency includes C#, VC++, C++, Visual Studio 2008, VS 2005, VS 2003, Microsoft TFS (Team Foundation Server), SQL Server and different other related tools and technologies. Our offerings include below:


Browser Plug-In Development (IE, Firefox and Chrome):

 We give customized website browser plug-in development to enhance any browser functionalities and enable your browser perform specific functions such as viewing special graphic formats or playing multimedia files etc. We also design and develop compact add-on custom controls with cross browser compatibility thereby enhancing the user experience by customizing user interfaces, brand promotion via custom toolbar, adding custom buttons, drop-down menus, auto login function, RSS reader, news, alerts, mails, weather updates, stock information, web search providing quick access to classifieds and much more.


Peer-to-Peer (P2P) Network App Development:

 Peer-to-peer networking provides a robust networking infrastructure for developing peer-to-peer networking apps. P2P networks handle a very high volume of file sharing traffic by distributing the load across many devices. A pure peer-to- peer app has no central server as it has the ability to dynamically discover other peers on the network and interact with each other for sending or receiving content


A peer-to-peer app is various from the traditional client /server model because the apps involved act as both customers and servers enabling peers to find the data without relying on a centralized index serve which makes it fast and efficient.


Chat/IM Software Development: 

The Chat/IM software is used to communicate with the customers through an instant messenger to answer their queries instantly. One can also converse through IM with multiple users thus saving a lot of time and also solving questions of several clients. I-Softinc will help you to develop your IM app with many optional features that suits your business or companies needs at an affordable cost thus resulting in profits at every stage.


Network Programming TCP/IP, HTTP, FTP, SHTTP, SSL, LDAP, Active Directory:

 Over a period of time, I-Softinc has create expertise in network programming involving TCP/IP, HTTP, FTP and Socket Programming. TCP/IP is a basic communication protocol used to send and receive files and messages over IP in a personal network. The protocols related to TCP/IP include the User Datagram Protocol (UDP) which is used instead of TCP for special purposes. The source code is given to implement the file transfer apps along with rudimentary Instant-Messenger style apps.


MS Office Plug-In Development:

Our experience in Microsoft Office Plug-in Development will help you to make your Microsoft Office easy for your business needs. With hands-on experience in development of toolbars/buttons for outlook,  word, power point, excel, access, visio, front page, project, map point and publisher we will help you to automate your business processes. Buildng a new or customizing the existing toolbars, command bars, controls, menus and sub-menus for MS Office 2000-2003, I-Softinc is capable to handle such tasks from scratch. We excel in customizing MS Office 2007 Ribbon UI Tabs, Quick Access Toolbar and Office Menus, Creating Custom Task Panes for Office 2007 Apps: Excel, Word, and Outlook etc. Extending Outlook Windows, Views and Forms with Advanced Form Regions, Modifying Outlook Bar, To-Do Bar, Navigation and Reading Pane with Custom Forms, Handling all Events of MS Office Apps, Developing App Level Keyboard Shortcuts, Adding MS Outlook function and Property Pages etc.


ActiveX Controls:

 I-Softinc has sound expertise on ADO (ActiveX Data Objects), a software module based on Microsoft’s Component Object Model (COM) architecture. It enables a program to add functionality by calling ready-made components that blend in and appear as normal parts of the program. MS Universal Data Access Development aids in easy access to data in multiple formats like email, messages, word doc, MS Access and SQL databases with cross platform compatibility. You can enable ActiveX Controls on your website browser to download useful programs from the internet. One of the benefits of ActiveX Controls is that it enables users to quickly and easily build interactive website pages and email messages by using ready-made components. I-Softinc can help you to enable the website browsers like IE, Firefox and Chrome and email apps such as MS Outlook to download and run various programs from the websites.


Database Programming using MS SQL/Oracle: 

Database is an integral part of any app, I-Softinc offers custom database development solutions to streamline and systematize the business processes. We give comprehensive database solutions which include database architecting and data mining along with in-depth statistical reporting and RSS feeds across databases and XML.


API Programming (Device/Software): 

App Program Interface (API) is a set of protocols and tools for creating a software app. The API allows users to write scripts and programs to automate virtual machine operations. The APIs is a high-level, easy to use, and practical for both scripter’s and app developers. APIs can be easily integrated to create innovative latest apps by adding different functionalities or special customization features. A set of API packages can be used to develop custom GUIs as well as number of desktop capabilities can be customized including layout control, video embedded into an existing app, and start/stop audio, video and app share. I-Softinc focuses on understanding the needs beyond the basic functionality for each device. For example, device implementation code must enumerate and differentiate between multiple device instances plugged into the system at any time.


(XSLT/HTML/XHTML) Based GUI Development (VC++):

(XHTML) based GUI programming is specifically used for hand-held device based apps and most often misconstrued with regular Graphical UI Development. I-Softinc has a specialized team working on device programming using Symbian C++ and VC++. We have utilized XHTML concepts for both prototyping and last implementation of GUIs in a heterogeneous array of platforms.


Adware Programming: Adware is the most popular way of marketing your products and services online to wide a spectrum of customers. We provide the customer with pop-up ads redirecting them to a desire product or web while surfing on the internet. Platforms that support advertisers, publishers, affiliates and other business entities have been successfully developed for a large number of media conglomerates


Spider/Crawlers Development: We develop Spiders/Crawlers that build a copy of all your visited pages for later processing by a search engine. The Spiders/Crawlers will index the downloaded pages to give fast searches. I-Softinc can help you automate the maintenance task of a web by checking the links or validating the HTML code. We can also assist you to gather specific information from website pages like email addresses for advertising or database collection purpose.


RSS/ATOM/OPML/Feeds Related Programming: I-Softinc’s forte includes entertainment and website 2.0 app developments. Now-a-days, RSS Programming is important in modern entertainment apps to generate more traffic and to attract more target audience. RSS and Atom syndication provides user an easy way to track new information from any web they wish. RSS Programming enables to develop a web that create, manipulate, aggregate, and display information feeds effectively and helps get visitors to click through your web whenever you update and recycle the old content.


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