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Customized Software Molded to Meet the Requirement of Your Business


I-softinc is comprised of flexible, mid-range, back-office accounting app modules. Each of these modules is designed to handle a vast range of tasks associated with worked as successful business in today’s ever-changing environment. If your organization was unique from other businesses, any accounting software system would perform as well for you as it would for your business challengers. In real world, your business is rare and you should be using a solution molded for your needs.


I-softinc products are ‘customized’ directly from the software publisher. Classic I-softinc application modules already include an extensive array of import and export utilities to solve many basic integration requirements.


When we talk ‘custom’, we are conversing about saving you time, money and resources through directly making changes to the actual software code to prepare your precise needs. We have been providing ‘custom’ software services to I-softinc and I-softinc Technologies products since 2011. Our ‘custom’ service has long been verified to be correct, on-time and on-budget.


Frequently Asked Questions


Q: How do I know how much a custom project is going to cost me?
A: All custom projects will include an approximate estimate based on hours. On most small or mid-sized jobs, this estimate is provided by a manufacturer at no cost. For more complex or larger projects, a software engineer will be hired to create a feasibility survey including a detailed hour’s estimate for you.


Q: Is there an agreement for custom projects that must be signed before beginning?
A: Yes. There is a short 1-page ‘Custom Service Agreement’ for small jobs and a more formal multi-page ‘Custom Service Contract’ for small and large jobs. These document sets will always carry total estimated hours and amounts. A detailed section describing the ‘Custom Software Specifications’ will also be contained.


Q: How long will it take to get my custom software?
A: There is nearly always a backlog in our Custom Service Department. In most situations, small to mid-size jobs are completed in 20 – 30 days from when they are expected. Larger jobs are normally completed in 60 – 90 days.


Q: If I need technical support on a custom appl, do I have to pay extra?
A: Our support technicians have direct access to all custom apps, documentation and original specifications and are capable to provide support services to custom apps. In the very rare event you would require direct support from a software engineer.


Q: Will I still be able to install normal software updates if I have some custom apps.
A: Yes. Custom apps are integrated into the standard I-softinc software in a manner specifically created to minimize conflict with traditional updates. For example, custom details do not restrict access to new standard details or new detail features added through annual software updates. Custom payroll changes are implemented in a way as to not conflict with tax table updates. Annual software updates in direct conflict with custom apps can be merged together and billed at our regular Custom programming charges.





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