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Video Explainer Services




Animated videos work as superior marketing tools for fundamentally every type of industry, and help our worldwide clients stand out and grow their businesses. With a team of highly skilled artists and animation expert, we make sure the entire process is fun and inspiring for everyone involved.

 What is an Animated Video and Why are They So Effective?

Imagine addition up what your business does in 90 seconds or less. We explain that many products, ideas or services require lots of time or component to convince anticipation that you are the right solution to their problem. That’s why I-softinc animated ‘Videos Explainer’ are so popular: because they apparently present what you do in a quick and amusing way. Plus they can be used to make easy any area of your sales or marketing process. The potential is endless.



Here at I-softinc – Your Vision.. is only the creation, so that’s why every project starts with a free consultation to help discover particular ideas, budget, and goals for your video. Once we’ve persistent the perfect solution, you’ll receive a welcome email that contains an imaginative brief and storyboard samples; so you can better make clear the details about your business, service or product. From online order – to animation and delivery, our modernized system makes the video production process quick, simple and easy! Explore the rest of our process below, which commonly takes between 4-5 weeks.




  • HD Quality Animations For Everyone.
  • Only $2,500 up to 2 Minutes!
  • Professional Voice Over Talent


Looking for a particular type of voice for your video narration? Our voice over specialist can deliver excellent work in more the 25 languages, and perform in a wide range of accents and styles.


TV, Web, Mobile Video Formatting

We format your video so it plays back in the highest resolution on television, websites, iOS, and Android devices, as well as other multi-media mobile devices


Character / Visual Design

According to your characters and subject, our designing department Create the custom design on your objects, locations characters, The cartoon characters can even be like you or your team!


Creative Script Development

Not strong in the creative department? No worries. Our professional scriptwriters look forward to telling your story.


Full HD Animated Video

Our animation team creates your video in High-Resolution 1080p format – then delivers the polished video within 4-5 weeks.


Sound FX & Background Music

You can choose any style of music for your video or simply let one of our creative directors choose a premium selection that brings your animated video production to life.



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