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Training Video


Secure E-Learning Platform

I-softinc gives training expert the tools to create rich interactive video presentations and deliver them as part of a complete video e-learning platform. Easily create a custom video portal where employees can view videos and webcasts on any browser or mobile device. Options for adding captions, transcripts and translations make content more accessible to the entire workforce.

Improve Knowledge Retention


The challenge for training professionals is not only to get the right information to the right employees but also to improve learning and retention. Many studies have shown that employee video training is a more memorable way to learn than any other media. By using corporate training videos and giving employees the ability to learn when and how they like, participation goes up and employee success is supported.


Create More Engaging Training Sessions


Set up custom course templates that feature PowerPoint slides, pre-recorded video, Q&A, chat, polls, surveys and downloadable files. The I-softinc software-only interface lets you have multiple remote instructors with trainees viewing on desktop, tablet or smartphone. E-learning courses are automatically archived at the same URL as the original session.


Learning Management System Integrations


The I-softinc enterprise YouTube integrates with the most commonly used LMS platforms to provide a portal for delivering live and on-demand training inside existing learning environments. Our channel-based approach and searchable e-learning platform make content organization simple. Track engagement with detailed analytics and pass course completion information back to your LMS. Supported platforms include Cornerstone On Demand, Saba, People Fluent, Sum Total, and Success Factors.



Analytics on Employee Training


In-depth analytics allow Training & Development professionals to track trainee attendance and engagement in real time. Test and issue certificates when courses are completed. Analytics can be exported or passed back to Learning Management Systems.


Simultaneous Training Sessions

Support for simultaneous training webinars or webcasts to employees or partners. Can support audiences of unlimited size

No File Limits

Upload video files of any size or type to the portal.


Lifecycle Management

Schedule asset lifecycle events for easy management of training. Available options are: activate, deactivate, feature, feature and delete.


LDAP and Active Directory

Single sign-on integration with internal and external authentication systems.



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