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Front End UI Developer


Angular JS is the best open-source JavaScript-based framework to create scalable and flexible website based applications as well as mobile applications. React JS is a JavaScript library to create user interfaces. Both of them are extensively used together to deliver the desired output.

We are the best AngularJS and React JS Development Company and we give a wide range of Angular JS and React JS development services. Here are some of the most important ones


  •         Internet apps
  •         Interactive Angular.js UI development
  •         Responsive web development
  •         E-Commerce, Shopping cart Development
  •         Dynamic Angular.js website app development
  •         Custom Angular.js mobile development
  •         Widget development
  •         AJAX Development
  •         Portal Development
  •         Plug-ins Development


If you are planning to hire front-end UI developer or AngularJS or React JS developer, check out our web. Call us for more information and we will be happy to assist you

We are the Rad JS development company and we offer the best Rad JS development services to any types of companies; whether you are small business, medium sized business or a huge enterprise. Rad.js helps our developers to create the mobile apps faster, just exactly as per your requirements; helping us to meet tough deadlines and exceed our customers’ expectations. So, if you are thinking to hire Rad JS developer who has got extensive knowledge and years of experience into the mobile app development, we are just perfect for you, as we have got a group of professionals that can create applications the way you ask them to and turn your ideas into reality.

Strongloop Loopback Framework

Very few companies have got the professionals who give Strongloop framework development services, as most of them are not aware of it. However, we are the leading Strongloop loopback framework development company. We give the best loopback framework development services such as


  •         Loopback framework
  •         Data and services integration
  •         Mobile backend services
  •         API gateway
  •         Build, deploy and scale


If you are planning to hire the best Strongloop loopback framework developer, hire us. We have got the best professionals who can understand your requirements and then work upon it to give the desired output. – See more at Single Page App Development – Why Hire Experts for It?


The field of jQuery development is booming right now, because of its unlimited profits. Most companies have got jQuery developer to fulfill the needs and requirements of customers. We, at I-Softinc provide a wide spectrum of jQuery development services.

  •        Widget development
  •        Custom apps development
  •        Web development
  •        Implantation and Optimization of methodologies
  •        Customized plug-ins
  •        Version migration


So, if you want to hire jQuery developer and if you are looking out for the best jQuery development company, make sure you contact us. We have got the group of jQuery professionals who have expertise in jQuery programming, to serve you as per your needs.

jQuery Mobile

As people spend most of their time on mobile phones, the best way to reach your customers is through mobile phones. So, your webs should be mobile friendly! JQuery Mobile helps you make your web responsive. We are a jQuery mobile development company and we give the best of the jQuery mobile development services

  •        Architecture and design 
  •        User Interface
  •        Performance tuning
  •        Custom development 
  •        UI widgets
  •        Maintain clean URLs

If you are planning to hire jQuery mobile developer, it will be a good idea to contact us, as we have got highly qualified and experienced jQuery mobile developers who can help you make mobile friendly webs for your business.




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