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Convert every visitor

An immediate calling gadget, strategic placed on your website to help you Get in touch with leads while they are looking you up. With Click TO Call Solutions. You can connect with leads right away to increase your conversion time. As soon a visitor submits his number we bridge a call between your agent and The visitor Number registered in NDND is not dialled. These calls are free of cost to your potential customers.


                    Integrate with website & application

                    Easy Installation

                    Never miss a visitor

                    Record & log every call

                    Configurable Availability

How it works

1.    Agent gets called First

2.    Customer calls  Agents picks up

3.    Calls patched. All  Set

Easy Integrations

Easy to integrate calling

Widget for your website


One click call from your favourite

CRM software to drive outreach


Post Form Trigger

Trigger a call as soon as a user

Submits a form to close the loop.


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