Price list

 We are  Consultancy Firm Based out of New Delhi India  . we provide offshore Manpower Consultancy services  as per the project basis ,We are reliable and very genuine team provide services to across the globe with quality .here is some of rate cards we have :


1 Mobile application developer (iPhone ,android , ipad , tablet)iPhone Application Developer ,VR,AR Developer : 3-4 year exp.-$15/hour- $1800/month

2 Open source solution web development , custom solution developer,Software Developers : PHP ,JAVA,ROR, .NET , CMS , OPENSOURCE , LINUX , UNIX DEVELOPER , Angular js, Javascript , python,golang,html developer , frontend ,backend developer.flex developer, jquery :  $15/hour  monthly : $1800/month .

3 custom support testing networking ,:  $10/hour  $1000/month

4 java , developers ,Video production , Animator:  $25/hour : $3k /month

6 Game developer :  2D 3D : unity developer : $15/hour :monthly : $1800/month

7 Seo expert : $600/month

8 Branding Manager : $800/month

9 Data entry guy: $500/month

10 Accounting manager : $800/month

11  Linux, Window server , data , security expert : $1000/month

12 Sales Manager,Project Manager : $1200/month

13 Lead generation : $800/month

14 UI, UX designer : $1200/month

15 Email Affiliate Marketing expert : $600/month


Note : Monthly : 170 hour , 8 hour per day, Part time : 80hour , 4 hour/day ,mostly are 3-7 year exp. range if you need specific one you let us know we can provide the team accordingly .

Rates can be negotiable as per the client need . All are certified and experiences  .genuine resources , with great professional attitude

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Our experience made us naturalize with the planning, designing and Enterprise app.
Mobile app development services include: Business, needs and requirements analysis
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Our experience made us naturalize with the planning, designing and development of windows  app.