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5 Design tip for creating killer app
Oct 01, 2020

The drawing board with these applications design tips.

This strong quote points to the significance of a good user experience and user interface. It will literally make or break your applic...

5 Things developer and businesses need to know about google home
Oct 01, 2020

During Arc Touch’s recent third-annual Hackathon, we learned a lot about some emerging Internet of Things platforms. From chat bots and wearable’s to home assistants and augmented reality, we ...

How to Choose the best features for your mobile app
Oct 08, 2020

The development of a successful product begins with a solid authority of planning. This authority commonly takes the form of a Product Requirements Document (PRD) or client’s S...

How to drive continuous sucess with a post launch mobile app strategy
Oct 01, 2020

The focus on mobile application projects is typically on launching, with little regard for what happens after launch. This isn’t surprising; launching a mobile application is very hard...

Implementing and searching deep links with the URX API
Oct 01, 2020

Deep links are the solution to the one of the biggest limitations of native mobile applications - the inability to link directly to a specific place. URLs let us share the websites with others, nav...

Advantages for android apps development
Oct 01, 2020

Android is most popular mobile OS in the all over the world. Reasons are that, why users getting attract to Android devices is because of different reasons. Android app is based on Linux and facil...

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